by Kelli Martinelli

Sometimes babies come in bundles. Thank goodness, so do gDiapers. So all the beautiful babies in your world can be covered comfortably, adorably, and affordably. Here are some tips for using gDiapers with multiples:

  • Plan on having 6 gPants per baby, per size. Use our bundle options (like the everyday g’s or the rainbow g’s) to stock up without breaking the bank. 
  • Take advantage of ways to save on inserts. Sign up for emails so you’re alerted to deals on disposable inserts, or subscribe to autoship and get free shipping every time and have your inserts delivered predictably and conveniently.*
  • If using cloth inserts, plan on 10-12 diaper changes a day, per baby. So you’re looking at a 30-36 cloth insert requirement per day. Keep in mind you will want more than that to have a buffer for time in between laundry days. Cloth inserts can be a hefty initial investment for even one baby, but it will pay off in spades.
  • Re-sale! Stock up on gPants and cloth inserts via re-sale forums. We have one of our own on our facebook page, but check locally, too.

Give us a shout (or a whisper) if you want more tips for using gDiapers with multiples. Whether they’re brand new babies or a bit bigger and crawling into cupboards, all we’ve got to say is this: we’re so very very glad you’re here.

photo by Christina Probeyahn


* autoship limited to contiguous US only.


about the author Kelli Martinelli - Kelli has been with gDiapers since its infancy in 2006. She writes the gDiapers blog, email campaigns, web content, manages social media and customer service and supports PR. She occasionally takes a stab at her own blog It’s Me, Kelli, where she chronicles her waste reduction efforts and her stories as a single mama to two kiddos. Stay in touch on the gDiapers bloggoogle + and twitter.