Remember baby #1 from our earlier Meet the gTeam post?

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Now he’s helping get gDiapers on store shelves from coast to coast to coast to coast.

Please say hello to

Marty Hagge.


job title:

VP of Sales aka “Pops”. Been with g since 2008.

Marty and his wife as Gilligan and Ginger for the gDiapers holiday party.

Marty and his wife as Gilligan and Ginger for the gDiapers holiday party.

If you weren’t working for gDiapers, what would you imagine you would be doing instead?

“I grew up in a small town in Western Nebraska and worked on a farm. The land is so open and vast that I see abundance everywhere.”

g is for genuine. What does that mean to you? How does “genuine” manifest itself in your life?

“Genuine for me is treating everyone with respect, from the homeless person on the corner to the CEO in the boardroom.”

What do you see on the horizon for gDiapers as a company and a brand?

“I see gDiapers at the forefront of innovation. We are taking a different approach to business. One that is creating. One that is making important alliance, innovative products, and a unique company culture based on honest assessments.”

Are there brands or organizations that you admire? Who and why?

“Guayaki and Patagonia are two brand I admire. Both companies are good corporate citizens that focus on the environment, though in two very different ways.””

If you were stuck in a traffic jam on I-5 for hours on end, what 3 items would you insist be with you? And what would you be listening to to pass the time?

“My phone charger, my phone, and a mate. I would be mailing talking on the phone (hands free of course!) but would have Pandora on between calls.”


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