If you’ve been around the gCommunity for any length of time, you’ve for certain been witness to the beautiful family photos shared by gMum, Makenzie. When we pulled together a year-end slideshow of the gBabies who had been posted to our facebook page in 2011, it was hard to not be wowed by the story of Makenzie and her family, as told through the photos she chose to share. We asked her to pick just a handful of her favorites that we could post here on the bloggidy blog. No easy feat, for sure. Thank you to Makenzie and her family for allowing us a peek into her world. Because though we’re all on the same planet, we all have different worlds. And they are all worth celebrating.

"All of the kiddos, my world, and the reason we want to keep the earth beautiful."

"The view at home. We're so blessed to live in such a gorgeous place and I hope that someday, because of the choices we make, that it'll still be here for my kids and grandkids (EEK!) to enjoy."

"We are obviously a house divided (and John Micheal has much better brainwashing skills than me and has turned the boys to the dark side). I'm a Louisville Cardinal fan, and he's all for Kentucky Wildcats."

"Phoenix (3) in his gCamper tee at a Louisville Bats game."

Trinity at 6 months. (We love the baby legs!)

"Kalem (6) at waterfront park during 'The Great Steamboat Race'."

"The older boys, Orion (11) and Rygil (9) enjoying the beach this summer."

"Trinity can rock the fair dinkum as well as any boy."

"My newest favorite from Trinity's 18 month shoot of her hanging out on a hay wagon."