diaper therapist to the eco-savvy

It’s a happy week here at gHQ. Yes, one could argue that most weeks are happy weeks at gHQ. But this week is actually a happy week with sprinkles on top. We’re welcoming Kelda, diaper therapist to the eco-savvy. She’ll be on hand to talk diapers, help with our boutique channel, and add another dollop of creativity and quirk to our tiny team. Needless to say, we. are. excited. And in our excitement, these are the questions we thought critical to share with you all, so that you, too, can get to know Kelda. We rated her answers on a scale of 1-10. 10 being about the highest level of awesome that one can achieve.

what’s your favorite ice cream? assuming you like ice cream.“I do not discriminate – just give me a spoon!” 10

if you could only have one thing on your desk, non-essential, what would it be? “A picture of my baby.” (off the charts and un-rateable. Kelda, by the way, is mama to Juniper, 6 months old and as lovely as can be)

favorite place to read a book? “In bed.” 10

favorite/least favorite celebrity? “I think I would pee my pants if I met Bill Murray. I can’t watch ANYTHING with Russel Crowe.” (Jason might have to weigh in on this one …)

where would you like to travel? “Paris.” (9.2 — guess we need another trade show in Paris)

favorite non-human celebrity? “Tough one. I keep coming up with Triumph the Insult Comic Dog…” 10

if you could have anyone else’s voice, whose would it be? (funny, she left this one blank, which is worth an 8 at least)

which do you prefer, gnomes or unicorns? “gnomes.” 10 (from kelli, dodge would argue vehemently as he’s a fan of unicorns, hands down)

what’s your sign? does it matter to you? “Aquarius. yes, it matters a little bit!” 9.78

and sprinkles. do they add to the sundae experience? or are they superfluous? “Yes, they may be superfluous, but even sundaes deserve to be accessorized!” 10+

So here she is, folks. Drop a note and say howdy. She’s a part of our customer service team and can be reached at info@gdiapers.com.