Remember this pumpkin from our earlier Meet the gTeam post?

baby karen

She’s all grown up. And she tells the BEST stories. Please say hello to

Karen Rockness.


job title:

“Rockstar (aka product manager). I’ve been here since my 1st grader was 3 months Karen and kiddosold.”

What do you do at gDiapers?

“I might just have the best job here at g. I manage the research that we do at gDiapers, both consumer and product focused. I get to work on the development team for our prints, colors, and styles, as well as our packaging, disposable inserts, wipes and cloth liners. And as if that isn’t enough fun, I also get to manage our photoshoots. Each day is totally different than the rest. Best job of my life.”

If you weren’t working for gDiapers, what would you imagine you would be doing instead?

“Well, that’s a hard question.I can’t imagine doing anything else right now, except maybe being home with my kiddos. Sometimes I think about being a labor and delivery nurse. And before I came to g, I wanted to work in hospice. Wouldn’t that be incredible?”

g is for genuine. What does that mean to you? How does “genuine” manifest itself in your life?

“For those of you who don’t really know, or who wonder if the gWords are just a bunch of talk, I’m here to tell you, ‘genuine’ really is at the core of what makes gDiapers. I feel so fortunate to work at a place where the owners, management team and co-workers truly care about one another, our customers and the planet. It’s not just marketing. Fair dinkum is real.”

What do you see on the horizon for gDiapers as a company and a brand?

“Disposable diaper bans! Legislation mandating composting, flushing or washing of diapers! The problem is too massive. I see a time in the not too distant future that people will recognize the grave mistakes we have made in the name of convenience, and gDiapers will be there as an adorable alternative.”

Where do you want to grow? And what are you doing to make that growth happen?

“I have terrible self-esteem. I keep waiting for the day to arrive when I become a crotchety old lady who doesn’t care what people think and I just say whatever the heck I want. I’m so completely not there yet, but I’m working on it.”

If you were stuck in a traffic jam on I-5 for hours on end, what would you be listening to to pass the time?

“Well, as of right now, here are the top 3 songs I would want to be listening to, singing along (loudly) to, and doing the obligatory ‘shoulder shake’: Tiny Dancer – Elton John, Franklins Tower – Grateful Dead, Suit & Tie – JT. And then I would probably just put the Rent soundtrack on repeat until the traffic cleared.”

Top 3 go-to dinners during the week.

“1. There isn’t a week that goes by without a box of Annie’s mac n cheese for the kiddos. They’d have it every night if they had their way. 2. My favorite meal? Brown rice, tofu, broccoli, and the special ingredient … cottage cheese! Not sure where that one came from, but my husband begrudgingly makes it for me on my birthday. 3. We typically do a soup night once a week; lots of leftovers, and typically a one-dish meal. :0) ”

So we mentioned that Karen tells the BEST stories.

It’s not so much the stories are as it is the knee-slapping knack she has for telling them. Here’s a throwback video so you can see what we mean.



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