Leadville is an historic mountain town nestled among the highest peaks of the Colorado Rockies. It’s a town with a rich mining history and a local culture that is brimming with outdoor adventure, including the legendary Leadville Trail 100 Run. It’s a place where the sky’s the limit.

Cooper and Carrie have lived in the Colorado mountains for a decade. It’s little wonder that they both are outdoor educators, happily combining a passion for the planet and the outdoors, with their skills as teachers. In 2005, the year that gDiapers was founded, Cooper actually referenced gDiapers during a unit he was teaching on sustainable practices. Cooper said “Despite not knowing much of the story behind them, it was a great example of a company with a social conscience for the students.”

Six years later, Carrie and Cooper welcomed in their daughter, Hattie. gDiapers quickly became a part of the baby gear discussion. A big selling point was that the gDiapers disposable inserts could be composted (wet ones only) in their backyard, and since they had just begun to experiment with home composting, having a homegrown disposal option was a no-brainer.

“We live in a small, shotgun-styled house right in town built in the 1880′s, complete with very close neighbors and a dirt alleyway. The backyard, all 500 square feet of it, has been a great project over the past 5 summers and actually produces more greens than we can keep up with eating. Given the mining history of the area, all of the soil in the gardens needed to be replaced which made for an ideal composting opportunity.”

turning the compost

“2 years worth of inserts (wet ones only) have gone into the compost (during the summer months anyway), and we could not find evidence of any when we turned and sifted the extremely rich and dark pile in June.”

composting gDiapers

“To date, the results have been plenty worth the effort, especially now that Hattie is getting in on the fun – she actually devours the lettuce she picks from the garden, so long as she gets to dip it in dressing.”


Carrie and Cooper have been busy making more than dirt. They’re expecting another baby this October! They’ve kindly agreed to let us follow along in their sky-high journey. Conditions for home composting are ideal in the warmer months, so we’re going to discover what disposal options work best for a family with 2 small children in a climate that has an average annual snowfall of 200+ inches from the end of October until middle of May.


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