You’re ready to do this. Know how we know? Cause you’re reading this.

photo by felicia williams

photo by felicia williams

The formula is simple: you need gPants and you need inserts. That’s it. We suggest having 6-8 gPants per size (for small, medium, and large at least). If you want to use the disposable inserts exclusively, count on a case every 3-4 weeks. If you want to use gCloth most of the time, plan on 10-12 diaper changes a day, so 4 packs of gCloth should do the trick. How you get them is up to you. Here are some ideas.

Baby isn’t here yet?

If you’ve got a brand new baby on the way, you’re probably chomping at the bit to get that nursery set up and your diaper stash organized. We know. We’ve been there, too. The planning phase is a lot of fun. But it can be overwhelming. The Newborn Bundle was put together to give you everything you need to use gDiapers from day one. Order it online, pick one up from Babies R Us, or add one to your registry. (oh! speaking of registry, we have these sweet little shower insert cards that you can tuck inside your shower invites, so you can gently suggest/obviously state that you want to use gDiapers on your baby, and hold the plastic disposables, please. We thought that would be easier than having our diaper therapy team call up great-grandma and Aunt Betty…).

Baby is here and ready for a change.

So baby’s bigger than a newborn. Check out our sizing guidelines really quick and then come on back to this post. We’ll wait…

Alrighty. Now that you’ve picked the size you need let’s go back to the equation. Pants plus something to go inside them. That’s all you need. An economical route is to grab the sweet bundle, which gives you 6 gPants and a case of disposable inserts. You can always add other colors to your gPant palette by selecting the fabulous colors and prints that are sold individually.

Pretty easy, right? Let the fun begin!