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We are so honored to be able to welcome the gift of love, our limited edition gPant to benefit an inspirational organization that we cherish with all our hearts, Hands to Hearts International. The gift of love gPant is decked out in a rainbow of x’s and o’s, because nothing says I love you like a warm hug. Nothing communicates human affection quite like a sweet kiss. And the two combined are a powerful tool for improving lives in a big big way. It’s about love.

“For 10 years, I served children suffering from severe emotional disorders. These children were hurt so badly at such an early age that by 5 they had already failed repeatedly in foster homes and adoptions. I realized that I could no longer stand to be the “ambulance squad”. In 2004, I founded Hands to Hearts International as a way to reach the world’s neediest and youngest children with the simplest, most cost effective forms of healing available. Just as important, I wanted to empower women in the developing world to act for positive change in their families and communities everyday, weaving a stronger social fabric for the benefit of all.” – Laura Peterson, founder, Hands to Hearts International

love saves lives.

Hands to Hearts Intl trains women in the early child development, which includes the power of touch, to strengthen community through each hug.

Being able to thrive in this world, and in many cases, to even just survive, depends on the most basic of needs. Food, clothing, shelter, safety, sanitation. But for so many families who battle these obstacles daily, it can be an immense struggle to provide children with the very most critical need: love. Children who are not nurtured and touched during the first five years of life face emotional, physical, social and cognitive challenges throughout their lives. Survival may be possible, but the ability to thrive is next to none.

And so for 8 years Laura has taken on the mission of empowering women and saving lives by promoting and teaching the simple but profound effects of love. Hands to Hearts International trains parents, caregivers and health workers about the simple things they can do everyday with the resources they already have, from human touch to nutrition. Relationships and bonds are built between caregivers and little ones. Flourishing compassion creates stronger communities.

The efforts of Hands to Hearts International have been obvious and inspiring from the first hug. In these challenged regions where training has already been deployed, India, Uganda, Russia, infant mortality rates have declined drastically and general health and well-being has significantly improved. To date HHI has touched the lives of more than 130,000 children! This has happened thanks to an abundance of x’s and o’s.

laura peterson, founder and director of hands to hearts international.

neighborly love.

Hands to Hearts International was born right around the same time as gDiapers. And in fact, we were practically neighbors. We have been amazed and inspired to watch Hands to Hearts grow. We have celebrated their milestones of lives improved and lives saved through the power of human touch. We are so very honored to be able to work together to offer the gift of love gPant.  A portion of the sales of each gift of love gPant will go directly to Hands to Hearts International, so that they can continue their work of empowering women and improving lives of babies and children worldwide. Because when you really stop to think about it, we’re all in this village together.

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Read more about the incredible journey of love on the Hands to Hearts International website and blog. And say hello and thank you to Laura and her team on facebook. And thank YOU so very much for sharing the love.

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