by Kelli Martinelli

It started in Portland. A playdate for local parents and babies at gHQ. Then you jumped in and said “We want that, too!” And we replied with “Totally. Let’s do this.” And so you worked together to create meet-ups in your neck of the woods, all of them under the simple name of “gTea”. You took the initiative to get to know your community off of facebook and into a park. You gathered your friends, your family, and people you had never even met and you put together gTeas in places like Illinois, Alaska, London, Texas, Michigan, Virginia, Washington, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Ohio, California, Colorado, Nevada, Utah, Iowa, Idaho, North Dakota and Alberta, Canada.

We at gHQ have been blown away. We are simply over the moon about what’s happened here.

“gMums and Dads have organized 45 gTeas in 2013. Parents who we KNOW are already pushed to capacity are finding venues, making t-shirts, and driving for hours sometimes just to be together in a simple way. Clearly, there’s something important we gain by being together, in person, with our babies in arms,” said Doe Hatfield, our chief gMum and marketing manager here at gDiapers.

The 2013 gTea season is wrapping up, but we’re already chomping at the bit to meet up with you next year. And while our tiny team cannot attend every gTea, you have warmed our hearts with your embrace of community and support for each other. Share your gTea ideas with us by visiting us on our facebook page. Or send a note with your 2014 idea to Doe at And please, if you took photos at a gTea in 2013, share them on instagram with #gdiapers #gtea. We want to see your event through your eyes. Here is how this phenomenon looked through ours, pulled together into 2 videos, one from our gTea in Portland and another in London. They make us a smile in a big way. Please share this page with others and let the spirit of community spread far and wide.

Thank you,

The gDiapers and gNappies team.


A HUGE thank you to the following friends who supported our summer gTeas.

Think Baby

Rockin’ Green

Townshend Tea

Mr. Ben

Moby Wrap

Whole Foods

Plum Organics



about the author Kelli Martinelli - Kelli has been with gDiapers since its infancy in 2006. She writes the gDiapers blog, email campaigns, web content, manages social media and customer service and supports PR. She occasionally takes a stab at her own blog It’s Me, Kelli, where she chronicles her waste reduction efforts and her stories as a single mama to two kiddos. Stay in touch on the gDiapers bloggoogle + and twitter.