by Kelli Martinelli

The gDiapers gMum/gDad program: A brief history.gmumblog

There was a time before facebook. We scarcely remember it, but evidence is strong that it did exist. A time when “social media” meant getting together with friends over coffee, sharing the news with our mouths and not our smartphones. It was in this time that early gDiapers customers reached out to our tiny team and said “I love gDiapers. How can I help?” And so we printed brochures and had t-shirts made, we boxed them up and walked them to the post office, we shipped them out, and said with sincere gratitude and wonder “Thanks so much! Tell your friends!”

The gMum/gDad program was born.


Fast forward.

Today we are fully immersed in a social world, one that would have surprisedgdad
even Marty McFly. Today we share news and passions with the tap of a screen. We have friends whom we’ve never met face to face. We search for news and reviews digitally with hashtags, a symbol once called “pound” in a world where phones were used just for talking. We are more connected than ever and are rapidly forming a whole new world for our children, our grandchildren, and beyond.

When you talk up a product or a brand to your friends, you’re a brand ambassador (even if you didn’t necessarily sign on to be one!). Brand ambassadors like gMums and gDads share the word about gDiapers because of many reasons. Whether it’s because they can compost the wet-only disposable inserts, or because baby’s diaper rash cleared up when they switched to g’s, or because the gDiapers community is comprised of like-minded and light-hearted guys and gals, at the root of it all is genuine passion. It’s that passion that has the power to shape our world.

Help shape our world.

If you, like so many other moms and dads, share in the passion for gDiapers, we’d like to invite you to sign up for the gMum/gDad program. Let’s make it official. You’ll be privy to a semi-regular newsletter from Doe, our chief gMum, and on occasion will have the opportunity to opt in to receive a “gMum/gDad kit”, which can vary in contents from brochures and coupons, to t-shirts and keychains. And heads up: if you sign up for the gMum/gDad program before November 17th you’ll be invited to participate in something very cool. Something with PRIZES. That’s right. PRIZES.

Sign up for the gMum/gDad Program here.

Want to talk to other gMums and gDads? Come over and say hi on the gDiapers facebook page. Bring your questions, your photos, your stories, but mostly, just bring yourself and your passion for a better world.

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about the author Kelli Martinelli - Kelli has been with gDiapers since its infancy in 2006. She writes the gDiapers blog, email campaigns, web content, manages social media and customer service and supports PR. She occasionally takes a stab at her own blog It’s Me, Kelli, where she chronicles her waste reduction efforts and her stories as a single mama to two kiddos. Stay in touch on the gDiapers bloggoogle + and twitter.