by Kelli Martinelli

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YOU did this.

We are so pleased to introduce to you Gentle Wipes, our very best baby wipes to date. What makes them the best? Your feedback. There is nothing more valuable to us than a community that genuinely wants to help bring the safest and gentlest baby products to market. We worked directly with parents to develop a baby wipe that is truly unique and perfectly gentle. Thank you so much for helping us make this happen.

  • New look. New formula. Parent-tested and approved.
  • Chlorine free. Fragrance free. Alcohol free.
  • Completely vegan. No animal testing or animal by-products.
  • Soft, clean-smelling and effective.
  • 100% cellulose towel. Made from plants, not from oil.

Why gentle wipes are different.gentle wipes hand

Most wipes consist of petroleum-based, synthetic materials. This prevents the wipes from sticking together, but also prevents them from breaking down. Because baby wipes are a single-use product that are bound for the landfill, gDiapers’ aim is to limit the amount of non-renewable resource extraction, while sourcing ingredients that are gentle and natural to the skin. The towel is 100% cellulose, made from plants, not from oil. We use the smallest amount of gentle preservatives in order to prevent bacteria growth. 95% of the chemicals found in fragrances are synthetic compounds derived from petroleum, which can be skin allergens, irritants and photosensitizers. gDiapers’ gentle wipes do not have any added fragrance.

Ingredients:gentle wipes mouth

Baby wipes consist of a towel and a liquid to clean and to soothe. 100% plant fiber towel, Water, Aloe Barbadensis leaf juice (Aloe Vera for soothing and moisturizing skin), Glycerin (moisturizer derived from vegetable oils), Disodium Cocoamphodiacetate (mild cleanser derived from coconut oil), Grape seed oil (skin conditioner and antioxidant), Sodium Citrate (buffer), Citric Acid (pH balance), Xanthan Gum (gluten free viscosity agent),Propandiol & Salix Alba (100% natural preservative). No phthalates, parabens or SLS & SLES. Completely vegan. No animal testing or animal by-products.

Reviews and Availability.

Gentle Wipes have been available in select Target stores but will now begin to roll out to other online and brick and mortar retailers, including, of course,

Grab a package online or in-store and let us know what you think in the comments below!

“The new Gentle Wipes have a nice scent that smells just like you imagine a clean baby to. They are very soft, perfect for cleaning up all our little messes from sticky fingers and faces to dirty diapers. Best of all I don’t have to worry about anything in them irritating my baby’s skin!” – Katelyn, of Katelyn Heather 

“We LOVE the new wipes! I always check out the list of ingredients on anything we use in our family because we have allergies and super sensitive skin, I was very pleased to be able to read and understand everything that was listed. When using the wipes it is such a nice relief that there is no yucky chemical scent, the generously sized wipes make for quick and easy cleanups and are super strong as my little one even tried to pull it apart and wasn’t successful! Strong, nicely sized and no chemicals? Yes please and THANK YOU gDiapers!” – Bri, of EcoBabyMamaDrama

“I really liked the wipes, I felt like one wipe cleaned up a lot more than other wipes we have used. I really like not needing 3-4 wipes for a really messy diaper. I was able to get by with 2-3 and that was nice! The wipes smelled fine to me and I’m very sensitive to smells in general. I would definitely purchase them again!” – Katie P.

“The wipes material is soft and stretchy, holding the wipes moisture without being “drippy.” I like how it feels more like a real cloth than a papery wipe. Although I usually prefer totally unscented, these wipes had a mild and pleasant scent – not overpowering at all.” – Julie, of A Year With Mom and Dad

“For what it’s worth…I love these. The day I was offered my job here, I was given a pack to try out. Two weeks later and all sorts of uses from post-gym freshen up to cleaning my keyboard to wiping my dogs post-walking paws! No overwhelming scent, just a fresh clean feeling. Tested. Approved.” – Kasia B. (newest member of the gTeam!)

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