All babies are adorable. And your baby is no exception. Yet despite the massive array of adorable babies in this world, we only need a teeny tiny few of them for our up and coming gDiapers photoshoot. How on earth does one make such a selection? It’s not easy. Not. At. All.

If you live in or are going to be in Portland, Or on May 7, 2012 and you want your baby to be considered for the shoot, please submit the following information. (As you can imagine, we receive hundreds and hundreds of submissions. Photos will ONLY be considered if ALL the following criteria are met. Photos will be reviewed and a selection made by a third party expert, NOT by an employee of gDiapers.)

  • We need newborns to early crawlers. No walkers please.
  • Photos must be taken within the last 2 weeks.
  • Color photos ONLY.
  • Please include photos of the parent who will be available to bring baby to the photoshoot. Parent may be photographed with baby.
  • Please submit photos of your baby in their gDiapers only in the following positions:


1. front shot. (If your baby can sit, this should be a sitting shot, if they do not sit yet, they should be lying down on their back.

2. back shot. (please take a photo of your baby so that we can see their whole body and from behind. As you know, this is what we are going to be photographing at the photoshoot.)

3. close up of their face.

4. tummy time. (if developmentally appropriate, snap a photo of what your baby does when placed on their tummy.)

5. in addition to the above photos, feel free to submit additional pictures. Please do not include photos of your baby with hats, large bows or hoods covering their head.

Please email your photos to by Wednesday 4/18.

So. If you’ve made it this far and you’d like to send us your photo, great. Be sure to include in the email the following details. This is kind of a big deal. If you don’t mention this, your photo submission will not be considered.

1. The photos described above.

2. Your baby’s age, weight, current gPant size

3. Your baby’s developmental stage. (Is your baby an early crawler? Can baby pull to standing? Can baby sit unassisted? Can baby do tummy time? etc.)

4. Best time of day to schedule a 1 hour photoshoot. We will do our best to accommodate schedules.

5. Your telephone number.

We will send an email notifying you yes or no by Wednesday 4/25.

Due to the very high volume of submissions we’ll receive, we cannot respond to everyone. Please do not send follow up emails inquiring as to whether or not your submission was received and/or considered. We don’t have the administrative capacity to manage that volume. We promise that if your baby is selected, we will for sure be in touch. And at that time we’ll discuss the details of logistics and compensation.

Please note that we only photograph a small number of babies. If your baby isn’t chosen, it just means our guidelines for this particular photoshoot didn’t line up. But we’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: All babies are adorable. And your baby is no exception.