by Kelli Martinelli

We make diapers.

So you’d think that diapers is our business.


It is. And it isn’t.


Our business is this: we want to eliminate the status quo that conventional disposable diapers are the first thing we reach for to diaper our babies. We want disposable diapers as we know them to become a thing of the past. A brief blip in human history, an “oops” and a slip into a habit of convenience, a regret that we can learn from, evolve beyond, and then put behind us.

So to that end. We make a diaper that has disposal options. And there’s an option to use cloth. But there’s one more option we want to sell you on, and it doesn’t cost a dime. In fact, most of the world is already doing it. And lots of US parents are starting to do it, too.

It’s called elimination communication. Or EC. Or diaper-free. And no, it does not mean that there will be baby poop all over your house and you. And even if it did, we’re all parents here. We have definitely had baby poop all over our house and selves before. But again, no, EC does not mean your baby just poops all over the place all the time.

Elimination Communication is the practice of tuning into baby’s physical cues so that you know when it’s time to hold baby over the potty. This is not a new trend, folks. It’s the oldest method of toilet-training/un-diapering that there is. Disposable diapers are ridiculously new in the scheme of things. Emerging as a general market in the 1950′s, they were developed to be a part-time diapering reprieve for the increased amount of moms in the workplace. They were not developed to be a full-time diaper for 95% of Americans, which is where we find ourselves today. So we’re here to break us of that disposable diaper habit, by whatever means we can. Use cloth. Use our disposable inserts that have options for disposal. Or use nothing at all when you can. Look at that. 3 options that work to the same end.

gDiapers is about keeping diapers out of landfills, in any way we can.

























Check out this video from attachment parenting expert, Maggie Howell, to really get the inside scoop on elimination communication.

Reading material? We got that, too. Here are some blog posts from real honest-to-goodness parents about elimination communication.

Give diaper-free a try. You’re bound to get peed on anyway, at least this way you can say it was for a valiant effort at relieving the world of a dirty habit.

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