At gDiapers we’ve always believed that small acts can add up to big change. Over the past four years, the Big Latch On has shown how a grassroots, community-based event can get global fast. A Big Latch On event is simple—a group of women come together at a registered location to ‘latch on’ (breastfeed) their babies at a set time and raise their hands to be counted. Friends are made, fun is had, and every year breastfeeding records are broken. It’s fun and simple, but powerful.

gDiapers hosted an event last August, joining latch groups around the globe in support of world where every family is supported and nurtured by their community, and where breastfeeding is a normal part of life.

Big Latch 2013gMums at the Latch On 2013, gHQ

Last August, nearly 15,000 latches were counted in 28 countries. Women gathered at 845 locations (including gHQ!) to be counted. The Big Latch On is grassroots by design, but you can imagine it takes a bit of coordination to run this event and be sure the record-breaking breastfeeding counts are bonafide. Quite a task for the Portland duo of volunteers (yes, volunteers) who currently run the project.

So here’s the deal: to keep the Big Latch On experience going, the organizers need to create a non-profit organization around the Big Latch On and find resources to keep the events afloat.

» Watch Big Latch On video

Consider joining us to support the Big Latch On today, so this August, we’ll have a reason to gather, laugh and nurse our babies to help make the communities we want for our children.