by Kelli McKee

Diapers bringing people together face to face? Sure thing. In fact, we see it all the time. But we never dreamed that would happen. Just really really glad it did. Today’s story brought to you by Resha.

Thanks for bringing g into your family, Resha! photo courtesy of Now & Then Photography by Emily Mathews.

The story behind this picture is that our 2 1/2 year old, Leethan, potty trained about 2 months ago so, the huge stash is now his 6 month old baby brother, Trenton’s.  gDiapers have meant a lot to me since my first pregnancy.  When I was pregnant with Leethan, I was searching for a plastic free alternative to diapers, but didn’t really want to do cloth.  That is when a friend told me about g’s.  I went crazy for them!  I bought quite a few before Leethan was born and my addiction began!  The more I started visiting the gDiapers facebook page, the more people I met that also had the same passion for such a wonderful product.  While pregnant with Trenton, I was fortunate enough to meet some other Michigan moms, Stephanie and Amelia, that also use g’s.  Stephanie was in training to become a birth doula and she actually was in the room with us when Trenton was born!  If it hadn’t been for our love of gDiapers, we would have never met and I never would know such wonderful people!  When Trenton was first born, I submitted his pictures for the g photo shoot.  Although he wasn’t selected for the “big shoot,” I still wanted to capture pictures that would always remind me of such a wonderful company and wonderful people that have been brought into my family’s lives because of my favorite product.  So, when we scheduled the 6 month photo shoot, I asked Emily (our wonderful photographer) if she could do a giant “stash shot” with everything I have that is from gDiapers.  She was excited to do it!  We have already discussed doing another big “stash shot” when Trenton gets ready to potty train.  I am wondering how big my collection will grow (I’m lucky to have such a wonderful and supportive husband!!).

We are hoping to get to Portland before Trenton potty trains in order to meet all of the wonderful staff at gDiapers and visit the beautiful city you call home.

- Resha