by Kelli Martinelli

Influence, a step at a time.

As parents we are reminded day in and day out of our influence on our children. We try to model a particular type of behavior with the hope that they will emulate and be a lot like us, or hope they learn from our errors and be a lot better than us. Of course there are times that we momentarily forget how closely our kiddos are paying attention to our every word and then, whoops, kiddo drops a choice 4 letter word in front of the neighbors. We gasp, then blush, then (possibly) blame the other parent, then work harder to keep that influence front of mind. At the same time, our little ones are influencing our own behavior, our dreams, and our friendships. Their influence comes simply from being themselves.

Sharon Blumberg is a mom who took inspiration from her young daughter’s influence and turned it into Chooze Shoes, a business that is rapidly gaining attention for its beautiful products and empowering ethos. As soon as Sharon’s daughter, Ayla, became a walker, she would pick two different shoes to wear on her little feet. She was toddling to the steps of her own whimsy. Sharon saw this as an opportunity to combine her own talent for artistic design with the celebration of her child’s creative self-expression. We love to see companies like Chooze stepping up, bucking the status quo, and embracing opportunities to creatively affect change.


chooze kids shoes










CHOOZE is a collection of fun and colorful, vegan shoes that are matched but never the same. The left shoe is always different from the right. The difference is sometimes subtle, but occasionally bold. Either way, the simple act of wearing two different shoes inspires confidence and creativity. It encourages people to think different, to change their perspective, and to be open to new ideas.

Influencing empowerment.

Sharon also recognized the profound influence that companies have on society, which is reflected in her business model from the inside out. It’s reflected in the product itself, manufactured with all vegan materials. Chooze’s shoe boxes are designed to be “art boxes”, to be re-used again and again and to embrace a child’s creativity. Perhaps most significantly is how Chooze is helping to lift women out of poverty and into fully operational businesses of their own through Good Returns.

And just in case you haven’t yet peeked close enough, look at how BEAUTIFUL these shoes are!

wee chooze

women's chooze

We are giddy to be able to partner with Chooze for a fun giveaway.

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