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Valentines is coming and we’re thinking about giving love. Sometimes we show love for our children in ways we never would have imagined before we met them. We express our love in ways that surprise us. In ways that no one else would. In silly ways. Show us how you #givelove.


A portion of each sale of the specially-designed Love Me gPants and tee will benefit Hands to Hearts International, an organization recognized by the Fetzer Institute as an “an exemplar of love”.

Born of Love.

Love is more than paper hearts and candy kisses. Love is healing and health, empowerment and growth, determination and compassion. This Valentine’s Day we honor our dear neighbor and long time friend, Hands to Hearts International, who has been improving and saving lives through the art and science of love since 2005.

gentle wipes open
by Kelli Martinelli

gentle wipes open

YOU did this.

We are so pleased to introduce to you Gentle Wipes, our very best baby wipes to date. What makes them the best? Your feedback. There is nothing more valuable to us than a community that genuinely wants to help bring the safest and gentlest baby products to market. We

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by Kelli Martinelli

You know how sometimes you get a kitten and you name it Sprinkles, only to later look at the kitten and think “huh, she’s a much better Moo Moo.” So you change her name. But she’s still the same cute kitty as ever.

Right. We did that. You’ll notice that some of our products look a little different and even have new names. So here’s your roadmap to make

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gDiapers are in target storesWe love love love small businesses. And we support them far and wide and in between. We also want to make sure that everyone who wants to get ahold of gDiapers, can get ahold of gDiapers. Needless to say then, when Target gave us a big toothy grin and said “Alright then, gDiapers, come on in.” we

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