by Kelli McKee

Who loves toys? Let’s see:

  • your dog (that squeaker is so tantalizing!)
  • your cat (this is really more of an OCD thing)
  • your hamster (jury’s out on if it’s play or an alternative to eating)
  • you (as to which kind of toys … well)
  • YOUR KIDDO!!! (ding ding ding ding! we have a winner!)
  • So let’s give away some KIDS TOYS courtesy of our good friends at Pure Play Kids, makers

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    Summer’s wrapping up. And you’ve probably struggled all summer long with not having that perfect bag to bring with you to the beach, or the park, or the fountains, or your friend’s barbecue. Boo. That stinks. But it’s not too late! We have JUST the bag! And you can win it. PLUS! We’ve got stuff to go inside the bag from our friends at ThinkBaby.

    Here’s the bag:

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    What do we mean automagical? In a word it captures the essence of having biodegradable gRefills delivered to your door predictably, affordably and conveniently via our up and coming Autoship program from Autoship will be available in the US on cases of gRefills and will mean that you, yes YOU, will no longer have to sweat the details of running out of diapers at the

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