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by Kelli Martinelli

Bottoms up!

Is diaper rash synonymous with having a baby? A walk down the diaper aisle may lead you to think that’s the case. But in fact, diaper rash was practically unheard of prior to the introduction of plastic diapers in the 1970′s. Hmm …

photo by Emily Shaw Lapish

We’ve heard from countless parents that using gDiapers

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enter to win
by Kelli Martinelli

Influence, a step at a time.

As parents we are reminded day in and day out of our influence on our children. We try to model a particular type of behavior with the hope that they will emulate and be a lot like us, or hope they learn from our errors and be a lot better than us. Of course there are times that we momentarily forget how closely

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gDiapers and Moby Wrap: family-flexible stories plus a giveaway!

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Work and family can go together better. We know this. We’re living this. gDiapers and Moby Wrap offer workplaces that have family at the forefront. It’s not a new idea. Just one that’s been pushed aside for far too long. Read on.

The gDiapers story.

Ever since conception, gDiapers has insisted that business and family can go together

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by Kelli McKee

After 7+ years of covering your babies bums, we think it’s about time we told you who we are, what the heck we do here, and why the gosh darn we do it. So today we kick off our Meet the gTeam blog series with a game and a giveaway. The prize? A $50 gift certificate to use on Woo hoo!

How this will work:

  • See if you can

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  • by Kelli McKee

    Yesterday we launched our first ever benefit gPant, the gift of love. A portion of the sale from each gift of love gPant goes directly into the loving hands of Hands to Hearts International.
    That’s money for them to extend their training to more women and caregivers, to touch more lives, to improve the nutrition

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