Earth Mama Angel Baby and gDiapers are teaming up for a spectacular giveaway, in celebration of the Big Latch On.


In case you haven’t flipped the ol’ calendar to June yet, heads up: there’s a pretty important day for Dads coming up later in the month. Photos can make a wonderful gift so we’re delighted to team up with a Portland neighbor, Plywerk, for a giveaway.


Maybe you are like most of us here at gHQ, who can remember a time when our children were infants and we encountered a toddler. “I can’t imagine my son will ever spill/scream/climb/destruct like that,” we thought in disbelief. Fast forward 90 weeks or so when each of us was proved oh so wrong.

Gentle Wipes

Spring is knocking on the door here in Portland and we’re thinking about changing our babies out of fleece and snow gear and into something a little more cotton-forward. As their tender skin gets ready for another season’s turn, we’re so pleased to introduce new Gentle Wipes to

MD Moms
by Kelli Martinelli

Bottoms up!

Is diaper rash synonymous with having a baby? A walk down the diaper aisle may lead you to think that’s the case. But in fact, diaper rash was practically unheard of prior to the introduction of plastic diapers in the 1970′s. Hmm …

photo by Emily Shaw Lapish

We’ve heard from countless parents that using gDiapers

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