by Kelli McKee

Pregnant? Wondering how on earth is this baby EVER going to come out of THERE?! Breathe, mama. You were designed and built for this. Case in point:

I was due with baby #4 on October 13th.  Last night about 5pm I started having mild contractions, but nothing like with my other 3 kids, so I didn’t think anything of it.  I had a chiropractor appt and went, came home, fed the kids, while having mild contractions 8-10 min apart, but not really hurting or lasting longer than a few seconds.  About 7:30 I told my husband that maybe he should go ahead and take the kids to the babysitter, since they hadn’t stopped, but weren’t serious yet.  we called the midwife just to let her know that it may be tonight, but I was still walking and talking and feeling ok. Kris left with the kids about 8, to take the 5 min drive.  Not long after he left I went to use the restroom, water broke and without even a push baby Kinsley slid out into my arms.  Since it was 3 weeks early I had not been to the store to pick up any feminine products, and we were expecting to deliver at the birth center so I didn’t have any waterproof pads to protect the bed.  I reached for the first absorbant things I saw, my grefills, grabbed a few with one hand while having an unexpected newborn in the other, put the refills down on the bed, and sat on them until hubby made it home about 10 min later and called the midwife.  If it hadn’t been for the refills my mattress would’ve been ruined (oh they make great postpartum pads too!) Once the midwife arrived, checked us both out and her cord was finally cut Kinsley Renee Howell was wearing her first tiny g :)

"Here is Kinsley Renee in her 1st tiny g after our unassisted surprise homebirth!"