One of the best things about working at gDiapers is the privilege of knowing so many mothers. Women connect with us when they are planning for their baby’s arrival, and we get to witness them being born mothers. It’s an incredible transition and it’s one that we believe every mother should be able to make. But the world loses 300,000 mothers during pregnancy and childbirth each year. That means the loss of a mother every two minutes.

There is hope: 90% of maternal deaths can be prevented. The three critical barriers to maternal health are transportation, education and supplies. Every Mother Counts is working now with communities across the globe to take down these barriers and allow women to safely transition into mothers. Removing these barriers isn’t easy work, but the solutions are here, right now. And the impacts are immeasurable.

Every Mother Counts: Act Now

This year, Every Mother Counts is calling on empowered mothers to step forward and take two simple actions to support maternal heath. Sharing two facts, running two miles, uploading two photos, donating two dollars. Two minutes to make a difference. Find all the details on Every Mother Counts’ #EVERY2 campaign.

You’re reading one of our Take 2 actions right now. gDiapers is spreading the word that global maternal health can be improved with tools already at hand. Our second action is going to take a little longer. Kim and Jason explain:

Won’t you join us in Taking 2 this month? Take action at