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How to Use

Q. What do I need to start using gDiapers?

Answer: To use gDiapers you need gPants (those are our breathable cotton diaper covers) and inserts (disposable and/or cloth). We recommend you have at least 6-8 gPants per size. You can re-use gPants throughout the day, only swapping out the soiled insert at changes, but sometimes the gPants will get soiled and you'll want to have clean ones at the ready.

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Q. Do gDiapers fit newborns?

Answer: Newborn babies require a unique design, one that works with their inclination to curl up their itty bitty legs, one that fits their tiny bodies, and one that allows room for their umbilical cord to heal. We designed our newborn gPants for all those reasons.

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Q: What size does my baby need?

Answer: “One size fits all” isn’t an accurate statement. Babies come in all shapes and sizes, and a diaper that is designed to fit them at their specific stages of growth will be a more comfortable and more effective diaper. Which is why we have 5 sizes of gPants to meet your baby’s changing shape.

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Q: Which inserts should I use?

Answer: gDiapers disposable inserts are supremely absorbent inserts with multiple options for disposal. The disposable inserts are made of cellulose fibers, fluff pulp and super absorber and can be flushed, home composted (wet ones only) or tossed.

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Q: Can I use gDiapers overnight?

Answer: Many babies can sleep through the night comfortably using only one disposable insert. But some babies require a little extra, particularly during growth spurts where their output tends to increase. We have a few different options for overnight use when extra absorbency is needed.

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Q: How do I use gDiapers at daycare?

Answer: Caregivers and daycares are often caring for multiple babies at one time, so we recommend providing them with gPants that are already pre-stuffed with your choice of insert. This way they can change the whole gDiaper more quickly.

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Q: How do I flush gDiapers Disposable Inserts?

Answer: gDiapers Disposable Inserts have been designed to be flushed down toilets in North America. Please note that all solid waste should be flushed in a toilet regardless of which diaper brand you choose to use. To flush a Disposable Insert, please follow these steps and words of caution:

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Q: How do I compost gDiapers Disposable Inserts?

Answer: gDiapers Disposable Inserts can be home composted (wet ones only) in a wide variety of home compost systems. The disposable inserts are made of cellulose, fluff pulp and super absorber, which alone would be a valuable contribution to your compost, but when combined with the added nitrogen from your baby’s urine, makes an incredibly rich soil amendment safe for all manner of plants and vegetables.

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Fit Tips

Q: How do I know when it’s time to change sizes?

Answer: We offer weight guidelines to help you anticipate when your baby may need to move up in size, but the best indication that the time is right is your own gut instinct. If you begin to experience leaks and you’ve exhausted all the troubleshooting tips, it might be time. If you begin to see deep red marks on baby’s skin, marks that indicate the gPants are too tight and you have no room left to expand on the adjustable waistband, it is likely time.

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Q: Why is the Disposable Insert bunched up inside the gPants?

Answer: The bunching is normal in both disposable inserts and cloth inserts. Bunching happens on traditional disposable diapers as well, but because they’re an all-in-one diaper it’s not as noticeable. It happens because baby’s thighs compress the insert. Bunching does not lead to leaks. If you experience leaks, please review our tips for getting an optimum fit.

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Q: Why are there red marks when I take off my baby’s diaper?

Answer: If you’re seeing red marks it’s a good indication that the diaper may be over-tightened. If the marks are light indentations, they are fit marks and are non-irritating. Fit marks are like what you see on your own body from the seams or grommets in your jeans or your bra. When you take these garments off at night you will see lines all over your body, but they certainly aren't painful.

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Cloth diapering

Q: How do I care for the Cloth Inserts?

Answer: Cloth inserts are easy to care for if you treat them kindly. Avoid using any type of barrier/diaper cream as they are extremely difficult to remove and will affect the absorbency of the cloth fibers. Do not use bleach or detergents with added softeners or enzymes, as they will eat away at the fibers and your inserts will no longer function as well.

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Q: Will I need to "strip" my Cloth Inserts?

Answer: Occasionally Cloth Inserts will seem to become less absorbent. This can be due to detergent build up or from the use of barrier/diaper creams (which we do not recommend using with cloth inserts). You can “strip” your inserts to get their absorbency back up.

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Q: Why do the gPants feel damp when I use Cloth Inserts?

Answer: gDiapers cloth inserts are made of 4 layers of absorbent fabrics. The top two layers are a soft microfleece that pulls moisture away from baby’s skin. The bottom two layers are a hemp/cotton blend that holds the moisture. These bottom layers are what sit directly against the waterproof pouch, which, while waterproof, are also permeable to vapor, so that there is airflow to baby’s skin. The waterproof pouch will not permit liquid to pass through, but if a cloth insert is full and those two bottom layers are at capacity, they can emit vapor through the pouch, causing a damp feeling.

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