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try this on for size.

October 7, 2011
photo by Cheri Arellano
photo by Cheri Arellano

There are LOTS of diaper covers on the market that claim to be one-size. That would be awesome, right? Buy one type of diaper and ta da! done. Truth is, babies come in all different shapes and sizes, and while the one-size diapers might work for some, the feedback we’ve had here in diaper therapy (and from our own personal experience) is that they don’t work for most. Plus, they make for a heck of a hefty baby booty.

gPants come in specific sizes so that your baby will have an optimum fit at every age, they’ll go on easy without having to toil over which snap goes where, and those darling little hand-stitched pants you bought on etsy will slide right over baby’s bum, easy peasy.

The cute little orange size circles are guidelines. Here are suggestions by age, should you be keen to plan ahead:

N – this is the newborn size (available in the Newborn Bundle). You’ll want these on hand for day one as they are custom-designed for brand new babies. Some babies will stay in these for the first few weeks, some a couple of months, and some bigger babies will skip the newborn size altogether. If you bought newborn gPants and don’t get to use them, fret not, their re-sale value is awesome.

S – Small gPants typically fit new babies up to about 5 or 6 months old. Long and lean babies might hold out in the smalls a bit longer. *hint* Get your newborn gPants AND your small little gPants together in the Newborn Bundle. 

M – Medium gPants have the longest wear time, from 5 or 6 months old to 18 months to 2 years. So if you’re thinking of stocking up, load up on mediums.

L – Large gPants have a much broader age spectrum, typically starting at 18 months to 2 years and on up through potty training. Here’s a little note: some babies may chunk up quite a bit right before they start crawling. And those mediums you have may become snug, and you’ll be all “Wait a sec! It’s too early for larges!” And we’ll be all, “Totally okay. Use the larges for a bit and then go back to the mediums when baby starts crawling.” And then baby will start crawling and you’ll be all like “Whoa. Totally. Back in the mediums.” And then we’ll hug. Or high five. Whatever feels most appropriate.

XL – Not all babies will use the XL, which is why we don’t have it in as many colors and prints. But for babies beyond 34+, it’s nice to have a gPant that still fits comfortably. And for little ones who may need some help just at night, the XL can get them through. They’re bigger in the waist and roomier in the seat.

We’re just gonna repeat this (and you’ll hear it often, not just from us, promise): all babies are different. We’ve seen some 3 month old babies in larges, we’ve seen some 8 month olds in smalls, and we’ve seen babies shuffle up to large only to come back down to medium. So it’s a good idea to not pick a date on the calendar and say “on August the 12th I shall move my baby into size medium.” Cause that’s probably not what’s going to happen. Our babies teach us early that they’re unpredictable. Bless their hearts. We wouldn’t want them any other way.

As always, if you’re uncertain which size to get for your baby, give us a jingle. We’ll figure it out together.

14 thoughts on “try this on for size.”

  1. I purchased my first pair of medium gpants/cotton refills/liner refills. We live in an apt and I need suggestions on how to stay on top of washing so our supply is steady and the diapers are free of stains. So far I have 12 gcloths and plan to purchase 12 more in the coming days along with 2 pair of gpants. this Wednesday I am returning to work full time after a 3 month maternity leave.

    I appreciate any suggestions you can offer!

    Sincerely ,

    Ronell (gPumped!) Smith

    1. I love my gdiapers. I’ve been using since my daughter was born in May. I use Rockin’ Green laudry soap. Actually, I love the soap, they have a great website also, I use it for all of my daughters laudry needs. To keep your diapers from staining, just put them in the sun for a few hours, and it’s amazing the sun light removes the stain. Have you purchased the cloth liner yet? That also helps keep the cloth inserts from staining. I’ve been very luck, so far no diaper rash. I believe it has to due with the gdiapers and using the cloth. At night we do use the disposable insert, it hold lots of wetness, more than the cloth (just FYI).
      Best of Luck,

    2. We have that problem as we also live in an apartment with laundry in the basement of our building so its a challenge to do laundry often. We nearly gave up when our son was in smalls as we had other issues but are starting afresh with mediums. My advice: stock up. We have 18 cloth inserts and half that many covers (several gifts and some purchased on craigslist). We are still working to get the perfect fit so as to avoid leakage but I’m finding it easier to have more on hand to change into. So far, I’m washing covers and liners often by hand and keeping a bucket with diluted vinegar for the used inserts (vigorously rinsing the soiled ones first, which seems to keep them from staining) so that I don’t have to wash them every day. I’ve also heard that baking soda works well for smell and stains and then using vinegar in rinse to restore the pH balance. We are clearly still experimenting!

    3. Bathtub laundry? We have had to do it. I rinse all diapers completely then put my diapers, water, and a half tbs of homemade laundry soap in the tub and walk all over it real good, drain, rinse and repeat…then continue to rinse and drain until water runs clear. I drain by letting all water out and walking on diapers until water is not coming out.

  2. Thank you for saying you’ve seen three month olds in larges and always stressing that every baby is different! My 7 week old is in mediums (he’s 16 pounds already!) and I was verklempt that the expectation is that he would be in medium at 5-6 months!!

  3. My son is in large and he is 9 months old. He is a little chunky because he is not hands and knees crawling yet but my issue is the snaps on the gpants are rubbing his skin and leaving red marks. I am not sure what I am doing wrong. I thought that it was because he was in M and needed L so that is what I did but the problem is still happening. Need help!

  4. Our son is 5 months, 15lbs and 25″ tall for startes. I’ve been having a leak issue and part of me is wondering if we need to go back to small pouches in medium liners (i stopped because his lil’ bum crack seemed to stick out lol! Since switching to full mediums we’ve had nothing but leaks and I figured we needed to switch the cloth (I used Tide a lot before we got RnG and washed often because I have a small stash), or that my liners weren’t good- although half of them were brand new. I’m going to go back to smalls in the meds but also noticed something else- When I stripped the cloth twice, I noticed that they’re now a blue tint. Could that be the old detergent rising to the top? Am I crazy? LOL I stripped twice but let them dry but felt they needed another go. Thanks for the help in advance =)

  5. My daughter just turned 9mo old, and is in Larges. I am worried about having diapers that fit through potty training because she is only 18lbs. I’m not sure why we are do far off the ‘weight scale’ but we have been for each size. If our Larges fit her at 18lbs instead of 26, most likely we will need XL well before she is 34lbs. I am concerned that she will grow out of all the sizes before having any interest in the potty.

  6. I was looking forward to using the GDiapers, but the tiny gPants aren’t fitting. The strap cuts into baby’s thighs at the largest adjustment, but she is only 7 pounds. Amy I putting them on wrong somehow?

  7. I love my g’s! This is my 4th child, but my 1st real try at cloth diapering. My little boy is 2months old, about 10lbs (I’m guessing), and the diapers are still holding everything alright, but the gPants look a little snug in the middle. Haven’t seen any red marks or anything, they just look tight around the belly. When I decided to go whole-hog on the g’s, I bought 2 cases of disposable inserts and made a couple dozen cloth inserts. How do I know it’s time to go up a size in pants? Will small disposables fit in bigger pants? I still have an entire case (doh!). When I used regular disposables, I could tell it was time to upsize when we saw a lot of leaks. I’m having trouble gauging when to move up to mediums. Help!

  8. My son is now four months old, we are having a problem The smalls are getting a little bit too tight around his leg. The medians are way too big around the legs and waste even on the smallest setting. He weighs 13 pounds but he’s 27inc iin his length. Don’t know what to do?

  9. My DD is almost 20 months and has very chunky thighs. She weighs about 25 lbs. I love the idea of the snail shell diaper (tried pockets and they are ok) so I want to try gDiapers. What would be the best fit for her? Medium or Large? Also, I see you offer extra pouches (6 in a box) that can fit Medium to Extra LLarge gDiapers (I saw them at Buy Buy Baby) and s wondering if you also offer extra pouches like that for Tiny and Small.

  10. I just got my 24 month potty trainer large gpants and cloth inserts. It seems they’re too small because the snap tabs are rubbing him on the front and back and he itches them constantly. The band fits fine and isn’t too tight, no matter how I put then on him, I can’t position it so they don’t touch his skin. Is there something I’m missing? He is 29lbs, very tall and thin, with a high hip rise. I know the XL would use the same pouch, so I don’t think that would solve the issue with the rise.

    First time using cloth on him. Planning to use gpants on baby #2 in July.

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