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trouble, trouble. shoot.

September 29, 2011

Leaks? Let’s fix this. We’re going to ask a couple questions, and based on your answer, may send you over to a different blog post. Because reading one reallllly long post to try to find the answer you need, well, it’s about as productive as changing a diaper right before baby poops. So we’re going to try to anticipate the, uh, poop, and get it right the first time.

Moving on. So you say you’re having leaks with a gDiaper. Okay. Are you using the disposable or cloth insert? Disposable? Stay right here. Cloth? Hop over to the post dedicated to gCloth, please.

Leaks with disposable inserts:

First, we have to ask, how often are you changing baby? Babies should be changed every 2-3 hours, regardless of the diaper they’re in (except cloth, which should be changed more frequently). If you’re having leaks within that time frame, you may just need to change more often. That aside, let’s say you just changed baby and it wasn’t contained. Then we’ll move on to this question:

Where is the leak happening?

Are you finding that the waistband is getting wet? If you see leaks high up on the leg or near the waistband it signifies that the gPant is being secured too tightly.  If the waist is too tight, the trim on the pouch will be nice and taut up around the belly but there will be gaps underneath all four snap tabs, leaving that area vulnerable to leaking. So loosen it up a bit. The trim of the pouch should be flush against the skin. Disposable diapers require that you pull the waist super tight. It’s how they try to keep the messes inside. gDiapers are different. The waist should be secure enough to keep the trim of the pouch against the skin, but over-tightening will work against you.

Are you finding the leaks are happening in the crotch area?

If you’re finding that there’s wetness on the colorful cloth cover in between baby’s legs, it’s a pretty clear indication that the snap-in pouch isn’t sitting quite right. The trim of the pouch should run along the very utmost crease of baby’s crotch, right where inner thigh meets groin. Think of it as you would put on your own underwear. Pull it all the way up. Then, secure the little gPant. When it’s all on, take a peek under the leg bands and see if there’s any gaping. The trim of the pouch should be flush against the skin. If you can see a gap, you’ll want to re-adjust.

Those are the two types of leaks we sometimes hear about here in diaper therapy. The nice thing? They’re few and far between, and when they do happen, these little tips do the trick nicely. And once you’ve got the hang of it, you can’t unlearn it. And then we’ll pin you with a certified “deputy diaper therapist” badge and send you off into the world to change diapers, for good.

39 thoughts on “trouble, trouble. shoot.”

  1. Hi I have been using gDiapers for about a month now, my son is 2 months and I’m using small size. Using gDiapers, I have to buy disposables as well, because there’s the chance I get leaks, then get no leaks, and then I get leaks again. It’s frustrating cause I feel I did it right, make sure its in the crease of the leg and not tight, but it just works when it feels like it. Any tips on that cause it’s a brainsore that I have to buy disposables because I can’t keep up with laundry to wash the gDiapers every couple days!

    1. We can get you fixed up, for sure! We want to make sure you get some dedicated attention, so I’m going to forward your question along to our diaper therapy team at Gillian or Heather will be in touch today.

  2. we are having the same issue! we’ve been assuming it’s due to are little boy being between sizes, as he is just 7 weeks old but the tiny g’s were getting too snug. we’d love some advice – he’s leaking every time right now! that’s a lot of extra clothes and wet beds…

  3. I have a baby on the way and I received a bunch of disposable diapers at my baby shower because i didn’t know about g diapers until today. Crazy enough, im thinking about returning them all and getting the g diapers. My boyfriend is concerned about that because he doesnt want me to be disappointed if they turn out to be ineffective. I understand his point but i have confidence they will work and that i can use them properly. Can you guarentee that they will work, aside from the occasional leaks that do happen? I just dont want to end up like the moms above and then be stuck with money down the drain and diapers i cant use…

    1. Hi Ariel! We have LOTS of happy customers! I suggest hopping over to our facebook page to hear real life experiences from our over 34k fans. We cannot guarantee that gDiapers will be the perfect fit for your baby and your family (no diaper can), but we can tell you we’re here to help, our community is amazing, and we’ll do everything we can to make sure your gDiapers experience is awesome (and to the moms above, reach out to us if you haven’t already. 99% of the time we can help resolve any leak issues. But you’ve gotta call us or email us so we can help!).

  4. My son is 3 months old and weighs almost 13 pounds. He is in the small g’s, but they seem to be getting snug. At night, we use a disposable refill with another disposable refill rolled like sushi for extra absorbency. The small g’s are really snug at night. We have tried the medium g’s with a similar set up for nighttime, but they are too big and we always have leaks. He seems to be between sizes. Any suggestions? Thank you!

  5. I’ve been using g diapers since my son was 6 months old. He is now 18 months. I’ve been really happy with the product overall. They have been great. Lately, I have started using them just at night. My son is diaper free during the day. He has been waking up upset with his diaper. When we take it off his bottom is red. One time he was saying “hot, hot.” It’s almost like a mild burn. I stripped the diapers after this happened thinking that was the problem. But it hapened again last night. I haven’t changed the way I wash the g diapers or the detergent, so I’m not sure what the problem is. Any thoughts or suggestions?

  6. I began using gdiapers for the first time today, and I have a question about the gRefills. My son is 4 months old and weighs 17 pounds. I am using the medium gdiapers and liners.

    When I ordered the gRefills, I purchased the M/L. These seem too big for the medium sized diapers and liners. Should I be using a different size gRefill? Each time I changed my son today, the gRefill was scrunched up like a fan inside the liner in the middle (the area that rests under the crotch.

    It also does not seem to fit well at the ends of the liner. The gRefill seems too long for the liner. Is that normal for the fit?

    I am concerned that these issues may have contributed to leaks. I had the diapers on as directed–liner in the crease between the groin and leg and a finger’s width between the gdiapers waistband and waist. I had light leaks (the diapers were only damp) around the inner leg openings and on the front near the waist band. I went 2-2.5 hours between diaper changes.

    Any assistance that anyone can provide regarding these issues would be much appreciated! Thanks!

  7. Our 3 month old is just under 13 pounds. We started having leaks with every wet diaper a few days ago so I figured it was time to change him to the medium size. He really looked to be swimming in these and the leaks were just as bad. Then I tried using the small refills in the small liners with the medium gpants and it is working out great. I would suggest this method for those ‘in between sizes’ leaks.

  8. I have a 3 month old I have used g’s since she was born. She is now starting to leak from too muh liquid I was wondering before I order the med pants and cloth liners if they are more absorbant than the small ones? I know that when we switched from newborn to small because of leaks and that fixed the problem. I think she is ready for the med size she is 12lbs and leaks by the legs the cloth insert in totally wet. I use the flushable at night and that works great. The flusable are just one size right?? Looking for some help before I order the next sizes. thanks

  9. I called customer service about leaks with my son. they advised me that you want to make sure 1/3 of the diaper in under their bum. This helped me get enough absorbance up front where boys put it.

  10. Hi there! I’m using small gdiapers with cloth inserts on my newborn (almost 3 weeks old). The inserts seem to always get twisted up in there and then they leak. I try so hard to get the insert in there perfectly, but sure enough it bunches up and then I have to chuck the whole thing into the diaper pail. What am I doing wrong? She weighs just over 8 pounds, so the small size should fit properly, right?

  11. Aura, I started using gDiapers size S (wh gCloth inserts) just as soon as we got home from the hospital on my son who weighed 8 lbs 5 oz. We got leaks just about every time no matter what we did. My son tends to have frequent BM’s as he is exsclusively breadtfed and after a few days the situation got too out of control than what was worth. As much as I regretted giving in, I did and I gave the gDiapers a rest. My son is now 5 weeks old and weighs around 11 lbs and just today I thought out of the blue “I’m going to give it another try” Diapers did a whole lot better :) and I am so glad to report that!! Two out of three diapers were totally soiled and no leaks of any kind!
    So, a very short conclusion to a rather long story: when you have tried all of the tips on placing the diaper on your baby correctly and you are still having leaks, make sure you are using the correct size on your little one! Although the size small pants are for babies 8-14 lbs, I think we would have gotten better results had we started off with the tiny G’s. Hope this helps!

  12. I have been using gdiapers since my son was born. He is now 14 months. Ever since he began sleeping through the night (12 hours), I have been having leaking issues. I’m not in the habit, nor do I want to be, of going in every 2-3 hours to change his diaper, thus disturbing his sleep. I have tried many things, but wonder that you recommend, gdiaper brand. The morning after, sometimes the outer shell is so soaked, straight through to his outfit. Usually, I put him down with just a biodegradable insert, but I have also put both a cloth and bio insert. The result is less intense with more to absorb, using both, but I still have a leaking problem. Another thing that I have used is a woolie that I bought on etsy. It’s a wool shell that you can put on on top of the giaper. This works really well. Obviously, I’d prefer it if the diaper itself was absorbant enough that I didn’t need anything extra, but that just isn’t going to work. Do you make something that acts like a woolie or have any other suggestions?

      1. My concern with the use of the disposable inserts at night is I bought the reusable diaper to avoid the disposables. Is there any solution to make a gdiaper make it through a full night of sleep? I have no problems in the day but find by 3a my son is awake, irritated and completely saturated through his diaper cover.

  13. I’ve been having problems with our gdiapers. My little girls is a month old and we use the disposable inserts mainly. WE change ever 2 hours, sometimes more frequently because of our leak problem I have to wash EVERY night. She leaks around the legs into the pouch and sometimes spill over onto the cloth every diaper change, she is breastfed so her BM’s are looser. But I have had to double the amount of pouches we have just to make it through the day which is a big deal forus since we have to order. We didn’t have the problem for only 2 days and it’s back again. I’m very frustrated! Please give some advice.

    1. I second this one. Our baby girl is a month old and we also use the biodegradable inserts. However, it’s like every time there’s a BM, there’s poo all inside the lining around the legs. No actual leak outside the lining, but I keep having to use wipes to clean the linings before I can put in a new insert. Would have to keep ordering liners (we have 4 pants and 4 linings) or run laundry multiple times a day. But we picked biodegradable refills for the ease-of-use and environmental non-footprint. I feel like I’m using enough wipes to wipe poop out the lining as I would using a regular diaper (and it’s not like you can put the poopy lining in the wash without wiping it out first). Advice?

      1. Just rinse the liner rather than wipe it out. The poop can be disposed into the toilet and then you can walk over to the sink to finish cleaning it out. The liner dries extremely quickly so there is really no need to even put in a new diaper liner.

  14. Help! I am having gdiaper trouble… I have to change the gpants, liner and cloth at every diaper change along with his entire outfit, because leaks happen every single time! My son weighs 18 pounds, wears size M gpants and we use cloth inserts only. Leaks happen at the waistband sometimes, at the top of the thigh sometimes, and the most annoying is that they leak through the crotch of the plastic liner and onto the gpant itself! When I carry my by in the ergo carrier, I end up with a belly covered in pee. Gross! I started using gdiapers about two months ago, and this leak problem is new for us in the last few weeks. I wash exactly according to the directions. I have even tried stripping the cloths, although I did the warm water test and the cloths didn’t seem to have an absorption problem. I do not use diaper creams. Also, when I wash the cloths they smell nice and fresh, but as soon as my baby pees the ammonia smell is overwhelming. Please help! I spent hundreds of dollars on this system and can not afford to start over with another product. Thank you.

    1. Did gdiapers ever do anything for you?? I’ve had these same problems and contacted the company twice and of course, no refunds are being given. I invested $750 in this product and it’s terrible! Complete and total waste of money

  15. I use kirkland environmentally friendly dish soap to wash my diapers and cloth liners. It has a light citrus scent no optimal brightners to mess with absorbancy. This works great for me cause I can use any kind of butt cream I want without it messing up the absorbancy of the cloth. I use hot water with 1 oz. of soap in an extra large load. Since the dish soap is a degreaser it gets the butt creams off everytime. I have been washing this way for months and never have to strip them cause every time I wash is like stripping them in the first place. The soap does not affect my little ones bottom at all. I use to use the free detergents and had probs with red spots on my kids bottom and the diapers also smelled even after washing. I would get so angry because they are suppose to smell clean and they didn’t, but with this new method they smell great. I don’t have an HE washer though, so if you want to try my method you might want to use less soap to start with. I wouldn’t want anybody to put to much soap and have it coming out the machine making a huge mess. But, I will tell you it is so cheap to wash this way cause 1 oz of soap is so little. It just doesn’t cost hardly anything in soap.

    1. the Kirkland environmentally friendly dish soap, isn’t that from Costco, it’s a Costco brand right? I wonder if the blue dawn will be okay to try.

  16. Help! I think after reading enough posts and blogs and luck, I figured out how not to get urine leaks, but every time by 19 month boy goes number 2 I have to change the liner. How do I get the disposable kind to work for poopy?

    1. I have the same problem. I just bought extra liners and put the poopy ones in a wet bag for later cleaning.

      What I have a bigger issue with is getting the liners clean! My DD makes her mark sometimes and I want to know how best to ‘deep clean’ the liners without damaging them.

      I have read No Vinegar, and mixed reviews on oxyclean… Any advice??!

      1. Ours get pretty yellow after a few poopies, and after I wash them I lay them outside for a few hours in the afternoon sun. It bleaches them naturally, and they look almost brand new!

  17. I have been having leaks when my 4month old poops. He is exclusively breast fed and has loose poos several times a day. I use the disposable inserts and the medium pants. He is a little over 12lbs. The small g’s were leaking so we moved him up to a bigger size. Help!

    1. Hi Tessa! At only 12 pounds, he is likely too small for medium gPants. We can likely solve your fit issues with a few fit adjustments. Where are you seeing leaks? Is it coming out onto the gPants, or staying in the pouch? I’m happy to trouble shoot the issue with you, shoot us an email ( so we can get to the bottom of this!

  18. Hi! I’m having a similar leak issue to the previous poster. My 2 month old is a little over 12 lbs and in the small gPant. We’ve been loving them so far, but this past week we are getting lots of leaks up the back. I’m trying to be careful about how tight and they seem comfortable. What seems to be the problem to me is that the liner doesn’t come up high enough in the back to make a seal above her bum crack. No matter how I try to adjust, when she moves, they come down a bit too low and we have leaks! Any suggestions?

    1. Hi Vicky! It might be time to give the mediums a shot to see if those work better for you. Typically a baby would be in mediums somewhere between 13 and 14 pounds, but every baby is different and some may move sooner, some later. Try it out and if it’s still not solving your leaking issues, shoot us an email ( and we can dive deeper into why you’re experiencing those leaks!

  19. My daughter is 18 months old but very short and only 22 pounds. I’m wondering if I should get medium or Large because I don’t want them to be too big or too small.

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