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would you could you on a train?

May 21, 2012

We got this lovely email/travel story from gDad, James. Too awesome not to share:

Dear gDiapers team,

Thought you would want to know how well gDiapers work for young families on the move. We recently traveled from Lexington, KY to Charleston WV, Washington DC, Richmond VA, Baltimore, Burlington VT, Montreal, and Portland ME by plane, train, and automobile. Taking Amtrak was particularly enjoyable with our 2 month-old, Zeke. We discovered that the velcro on the outer cover of the gDiaper system stuck well to the carpeted train walls, aiding in drying damp diapers.

The flushable liners worked great throughout the trip, although I am not sure that the Canadian plumbing was overly happy with us.

We return to Africa in a week where we work for an international health care organization in a poor district of Malawi. Accompanying us will be several gDiapers in each size and hopefully enough cotton liners to get us from one hand-washed laundry load to the next.

James, Tara, and Zeke

“We discovered that the velcro on the outer cover of the gDiaper system stuck well to the carpeted train walls, aiding in drying damp diapers. “
g’s on a train, g’s on a plane …
gBaby on board!


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