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the original hybrid diaper

November 4, 2011
photo by brooke holley linkous
photo by brooke holley linkous

So what is a hybrid diaper? Where did it come from? One that comes with a cord so it can be plugged in to re-charge at night? Ha. Not quite. But that would make a pretty fun DIY project for you savvy seamstresses (and electricians).

gDiapers are the original hybrid diaper. They were invented by an innovative mama in Tasmania. She wanted to create a diaper with two insert options: one flushable, one washable and reusable. Voila. A hybrid diaper. The best of both worlds.

Down under they were called Eenee Weenee. Then the enterprising couple, Jason and Kim Graham-Nye, happened upon these revolutionary hybrid diapers at a local baby show in Sydney. And thank goodness they did. Because now, due to their branding and distribution efforts, gDiapers have established the first new diaper option to come along in 40 years.

Isn’t it nice to know that just when we think we don’t have any options, it turns out, we totally do. We just sometimes have to give it a new name. In this case, it was hybrid diapers.

gDiapers are reusable covers with disposable inserts you can flush, compost (wet ones only) or toss.


9 thoughts on “the original hybrid diaper”

  1. Hello, I’m from Guadalajara, Jalisco Mexico.
    I went to USA and met Gdiapers, I hadn’t heard about them before, so I bougth the gpants and gcloth inserts by Mail and now, I really love them.
    If it’s possible, would you explain me a few doubts I have?
    For instance, Do I have to change the cloth inserts for others? I bought 12 because I believe I can use them for three years, my baby is four months old, so I dont know.
    Sometimes the gpant is wet at the sides, usually I change the insert every three hours, I don’t know if I’m doing well or not, or if I have to use two inserts instead one…
    Please, any guide or advise will be usefull to me.
    Thank you very much!

    Regards, Ofe.

    1. Hi My little one is almost three months and I only bought 6 diapers and 12 inserts. Since the small goes up to 14 Pds I wouldnt buy too many because before you know it the little one will be into the medium size. I use biodegradable because it is more convenient for me since I am a full time college student and also work. I only change the pad during diaper changes, unless she has a big poopy diaper and gets some on the plastic inserts or the diaper. Hope this is some helpful information.

    2. Hello Ofelia,

      I’m from Guadalajara also and I was wondering if you could order the gpants to be delivered here? I want to start using them with the disposable inserts but I’m not sure I can find them in Mexico, can they be ordered from here? Thank you!

  2. HI! I have one gdiaper I tried to make sure I liked them its super cute and I want to expand my collection. I saw you have 2 different 6 pack bundle options but do you have a bundle option that includes more than 2 colors? like maybe one of each or pick your own 6 colors type of deal?? If not you really should it would be a big big hit with customers!!!!!

  3. I really don’t like the Australian version. The pads are thicker and difficult to use and impossible to find. They make the pants leak. And they are super expensive!!!!!! Plus the pants are not even close to being as cute. So now I am stuck with a bunch of cutie G’s and no flushies to fill them with. Very sad.

    1. If the flushies are so hard to find (which in this day and age of online shopping is a bit hard to believe, the eenee online store will send them straight to your house) then use the eenee reusable pads with the flushable liner. Problem solved. Or, get them through the US eBay site. Most will ship to Australia. No need to be sad over a problem that is easily solved.

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