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Come together.

September 17, 2012

Diapers bringing people together face to face? Sure thing. In fact, we see it all the time. But we never dreamed that would happen. Just really really glad it did. Today’s story brought to you by Resha.

The story behind this picture is that our 2 1/2 year old, Leethan, potty trained about 2 months ago so, the huge stash is now his 6 month old baby brother, Trenton’s.  gDiapers have meant a lot to me since my first pregnancy.  When I was pregnant with Leethan, I was searching for a plastic free alternative to diapers, but didn’t really want to do cloth.  That is when a friend told me about g’s.  I went crazy for them!  I bought quite a few before Leethan was born and my addiction began!  The more I started visiting the gDiapers facebook page, the more people I met that also had the same passion for such a wonderful product.

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Doing what’s different: It’s just parenting. by Alicia Steffann

August 27, 2012

A couple of years ago, 3 to be exact, we received this email:

“I have many pictures of my child in Gs, but this one was so classic I mailed it to the only address I could find for you guys – I figure you can pass it on if you find it as funny as I did.

Perhaps Gs have a soporific effect?

Best Wishes.

And here was the picture.

Turns out, the nap-where-they-lay thing was frequent enough for Alicia to blog about it, culminating in her awesomely hilarious blog, Naps Happen. Naps Happen has been named one of the Top 25 Funny Mom Blogs two years in a row. Thank you to Alicia for taking time away from snapping napping to guest blog here.

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Why we do this.

August 1, 2012

This was posted on our facebook page today, and, well shoot, there are 18 pairs of eyes here at gHQ that are a little teary right now. We make a cool product. We 100% believe that to be true. But what we believe in 150% (at least) is the power of genuine human interaction. Mom to mom. Mom to Dad. Dad to Dad. Parent to Parent. Baby to Baby. People to People. The stories that sprout from our connection are what will send this world spinning on a most beautiful and inspiring course toward being greater than we could have ever imagined.

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Meet Makenzie (and family).

July 31, 2012

If you’ve been around the gCommunity for any length of time, you’ve for certain been witness to the beautiful family photos shared by gMum, Makenzie. When we pulled together a year-end slideshow of the gBabies who had been posted to our facebook page in 2011, it was hard to not be wowed by the story of Makenzie and her family, as told through the photos she chose to share. We asked her to pick just a handful of her favorites that we could post here on the bloggidy blog. No easy feat, for sure. Thank you to Makenzie and her family for allowing us a peek into her world. Because though we’re all on the same planet, we all have different worlds. And they are all worth celebrating.

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Meet Jan, gMum in full color.

May 24, 2012

We’re big big BIG fans of social media. It’s amazing to us how it brings people together who may otherwise have never met. But also, it unveils a world of inspiration through the photos and stories that are shared by you. Jan Scurfield, owner of Sacred Images Photography, posted this beautiful photo the other day on the gDiapers facebook page, and the oohs and ahhs just naturally came pouring out. So we invited her to share her talent here. Check out the color.

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