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SAP. (a sticky subject?)

October 7, 2011

From time to time we get asked about SAP, you know, the gel-like stuff inside diapers. Does it work? Is it safe? Can I play with it? Answers: yes. yes. and umm, okay, sure…

The tougher questions we hear about SAP are regarding its safety. There’s a lot of misinformation and skepticism out there because (high fives) PARENTS ARE AWESOMELY WELL-INFORMED! Or at least we all try our very best to be. Though a Google search will turn up a variety of interesting feedback, there’s not much that will actually point you to the hard science behind this fascinating little ingredient. So we have that conveniently collected, inspected, and collated (were this on paper) the hard science facts for your parental due diligence. Here it is:

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