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On Location with Carrie and Cooper: A New Routine

April 4, 2014

Carrie and Cooper are 5 months in to life as a family of 4. And like speeding down a groomed slope only to come upon a long stretch of moguls, it’s all about being flexible and taking those bumps in stride. One such bump came with the shift from being an at-home mama, to Carrie going back to work teaching outside the home.

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On Location with Jess and James: On Deck.

March 5, 2014

On Deck.

The last time we checked in with our sea-faring family: Jess, James and Rocket, they were sky-bound and headed home to the UK to visit family. Efforts were made to connect this inaugural On Location family with the gNappies crew in London, but a jam-packed schedule filled with family and friends combined with a flurry of winter storms indicated that a gNappies visit would have to be part of a future trip. Jess, James and Rocket are getting ready to set sail and hit the open waters of the Pacific. They’ll leave mid-March and will travel for about a month from Banderas Bay in Mexico to the Marquesas in French Polynesia, roughly 2,700 miles. “It’s all really exciting – this is the BIG one – the biggest, deepest ocean that all sailors dream of,” says Jess. We’ll be following along as they post their adventurous route on their website.

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Answers to your gPants design questions.

November 1, 2013

 “Mommy, where do gPants come from?”

No need to hold your breath and pray for a change of subject, we’ve got this one covered. Mimi, our Director of gPants Design and Development, gives a little insight into the creation of our gPants. It’s not quite as complex as the birds and the bees, but it is about life.

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Introducing gift of love gPants.

January 23, 2013


We are so honored to be able to welcome the gift of love, our limited edition gPant to benefit an inspirational organization that we cherish with all our hearts, Hands to Hearts International. The gift of love gPant is decked out in a rainbow of x’s and o’s, because nothing says I love you like a warm hug. Nothing communicates human affection quite like a sweet kiss. And the two combined are a powerful tool for improving lives in a big big way. It’s about love.

“For 10 years, I served children suffering from severe emotional disorders. These children were hurt so badly at such an early age that by 5 they had already failed repeatedly in foster homes and adoptions. I realized that I could no longer stand to be the “ambulance squad”. In 2004, I founded Hands to Hearts International as a way to reach the world’s neediest and youngest children with the simplest, most cost effective forms of healing available. Just as important, I wanted to empower women in the developing world to act for positive change in their families and communities everyday, weaving a stronger social fabric for the benefit of all.” – Laura Peterson, founder, Hands to Hearts International

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