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What is a gTea?

October 7, 2013

It started in Portland. A playdate for local parents and babies at gHQ. Then you jumped in and said “We want that, too!” And we replied with “Totally. Let’s do this.” And so you worked together to create meet-ups in your neck of the woods, all of them under the simple name of “gTea”. You took the initiative to get to know your community off of facebook and into a park. You gathered your friends, your family, and people you had never even met and you put together gTeas in places like Illinois, Alaska, London, Texas, Michigan, Virginia, Washington, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Ohio, California, Colorado, Nevada, Utah, Iowa, Idaho, North Dakota and Alberta, Canada.

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gDiapers On Location

July 16, 2013

This is a story that is unfolding right now. It’s a story of journey, of divergence and convergence, of intimate connection, of power and loss of control. It’s a story with a messy plotline and lacking a conclusion. This story starts right now and will take us from sea level to 10,000’. It’s gDiapers on location.

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Hakuna matata, by Kim

June 3, 2013

Below is a note to you, from our own Kim Graham-Nye, president and co-founder of gDiapers. 

Dear g Mamas and Pappas,

I wanted to write a note to all our amazing gPeeps and fill you in on what I have been up to these past few months.  Back in January, Jason made a very difficult decision and he asked me to take a 6 month sabbatical away from gDiapers.  This was hard for him to say.  And harder for me to hear.  gDiapers is my baby.  I could never leave it.  But he could see that the years of pressure, lack of sleep, and endless juggling between mum and company president had passed the point of just being unhealthy and were now truly destroying my spirit.

There were many tears from my side, along with feelings of anger, humiliation, and betrayal.  Even in the midst of falling apart, it is crazy how hard we hold on to our patterns and illusions.

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Meet Steph. Our all-around Jillaroo.

May 24, 2013

Remember this little cookie from our earlier Meet the gTeam post?

Screen Shot 2013-05-23 at 9.23.01 PM
Please say hello to

Stephanie Terrell.

Years ago I worked the gDiapers booth at the Gentle Birth Expo in Portland, OR. I was very early into the pregnancy with my second child and was over-the-moon grateful that there would be a well-informed customer (gMum) there to chat it up with all the visiting parents and birth professionals. Stephanie arrived to the expo wearing her young baby and eager to talk g’s. Then she proceeded to rock the expo. Another baby and 4 years later and Steph continues to rock as the all-around Jillaroo for gDiapers.

“Hi, I’m Stephanie Terrell. I’m the Accounting Jillaroo here at g. I started at g back in 2008 shortly before my daughter turned one. What is a Jillaroo you ask? Well, Jason gave me that title and he explained it as being an Australian cowgirl. Fix fence, check. Cook dinner for 20, got it. Wrangle cows, done. Young girl in training to be awesome, yee-ha! I’ve done a little bit of everything here at g, and as you can probably guess I’ve landed squarely in Accounting/Finance. But I can still find you post-it’s, change your front door code or answer the random question that no one else can.

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Cooking for 60 (with babies).

May 20, 2013

One mama’s quest for community involvement and community engagement turned out to be, in a word: delicious. In two words: delicious chaos. In three words: inspirational delicious chaos. We could go on and on. Originally posted on The Intuitive Mama. Thank you to Jordann for letting us share some of the story here.


My moms’ group rocks!  I feel so lucky to have been connected with such amazing, fun women.  Yesterday was no exception.  We decided to take on a huge project for one of our Moms’ group get-togethers.  We cooked for 60 homeless youth at Janus Youth Shelter. In a normal situation, 8 women cooking for 60 people might not be such an undertaking, but there were also 8 VERY ACTIVE babies in the house while this was going on.

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