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Tag: diaper therapy

Meet Heather.

March 25, 2013

Remember this baby from our earlier Meet the gTeam post?
heather mcphee

She’s been a grown-up for a while now …

Let’s give her a proper hello.

full name:

Heather McPhee (sometimes known as “Macca” or “RaeRae”)

job title:

Diaper therapist to the eco-savvy

With gDiapers since:

June 2010

What do you do at gDiapers?

“I work in customer service answering emails and phone calls from our customers in the US and Canada.  I serve as a member of our marketing team and I coordinate logistics for trade shows and events, and assist our Marketing and Partnership manager in supporting various events with materials.”

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Show us your diaper changing station!

October 4, 2012

Thank you to Christine, who shared with us a photo of her changing station. Man oh man what we’d give to be as organized as Christine! What’s on your changing station? What does your diaper disposal system look like? Send us your pics. Or post them to Pinterest with #gdiapers.

diaper changing station and diaper disposal system
We see a new business in Christine’s future: changing station design and installation.

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meet kelda.

July 17, 2012

diaper therapist to the eco-savvy

It’s a happy week here at gHQ. Yes, one could argue that most weeks are happy weeks at gHQ. But this week is actually a happy week with sprinkles on top. We’re welcoming Kelda, diaper therapist to the eco-savvy. She’ll be on hand to talk diapers, help with our boutique channel, and add another dollop of creativity and quirk to our tiny team. Needless to say, we. are. excited. And in our excitement, these are the questions we thought critical to share with you all, so that you, too, can get to know Kelda. We rated her answers on a scale of 1-10. 10 being about the highest level of awesome that one can achieve.

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embrace the change

January 10, 2012

You know that video that makes you go “aww…” and “cool!” and makes your heart swell just a little and compels you to hit share? We hope this one gets you that way. Cause it sure got us that way. Which is why we’re hitting share right here. Because with so many changes a day, diapering should be a beautiful ritual.

What kinds of videos would you like to see from gDiapers? Leave a comment. We’re always open to suggestion. Plus, making videos is pretty dang fun.


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