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Sacred Pregnancy with Anni Daulter

January 14, 2013

Thank you to Anni Daulter, author of Sacred Pregnancy the Book + Magazine, for giving the words and the long overdue air time to the most significant transformation that we go through as women.

What is a Sacred Pregnancy and why should I want one?

When I was pregnant with my second child, Lotus, I became obsessed with trying to find women I could connect with that knew about the sacredness of birth and the rite of passage process that every mother goes through, but few mark. My pregnancy craving was for that sisterhood that used to exist back in the day when women lived in tribes and pregnancy wisdom was passed down from mother to mother. Not being able to find what I was truly looking for, I realized something was missing in how we go through our pregnancies in this culture, and that sacred mother sisterhood had been buried, not lost, but buried deep in the past and needed to re-surge for all women. Our bodies create babies, and everyone agrees that is a miraculous wonder, but our spirits create souls and we need to know how to handle the process of creating a “whole” person. I truly believe the way to do this is by connecting to ourselves, the process of growing a baby and other wise women.

Pregnancy is a ride and we need to dig deep in order to navigate the emotional and physical waters of that journey. It’s wild, scary, fun, joyous, beautiful, sexy, dirty, bloody and most of all it shapes us into mothers and re-defines how we look at the world.  Every woman DESERVES a Sacred Pregnancy, because it’s her birth-right and it’s our most sacred work that we will ever do. A Sacred Pregnancy is one that is honored and shaped with intention, purpose and celebration. We need to go back to the Kiva and sit with our women tribes and be held with their empowerment, get showered with adornment and learn more ways how to say “YES” to nurturing ourselves. We need to decorate our bellies and let it all hang out, honor our partners as they too travel the road with us, be brave and vulnerable, look into the eyes of our own childhoods so we may pick and choose what we want to take with us into our own mothering choices and most importantly we need to learn that this is a journey we share with others, but ultimately travel alone.

A Sacred Pregnancy is a gift you give yourself and your baby and one that is unique to every single pregnancy and birthing experience.  It’s where, if you let it happen, you become one of the wise women with a blessed sisterhood knowledge that one day you will give to maidens. Hold that power with a delicate hand and when the time is right you will know how to pass it on.

I am honored, humbled and just tickled pink that I have been given the opportunity to write Sacred Pregnancy and that folks are responding so well to it. I hope that each of you finds your way into the book, the magazine, the retreats + classes, the website and the community. The Sacred Pregnancy movement has so much planned and we hope that you are all there to share it with us.

– Anni

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Winter edition is available now!


about Anni Daulter – Anni Daulter is the author of the Sacred Pregnancy book, the creative director and editor of the Sacred Pregnancy magazine and the creator of the Sacred Pregnancy Class Series + “LOVE labor” Method.  Anni is a conscious family living lifestyle expert, a professional cook, national speaker on natural living and recently launched the Sacred Pregnancy Movement, which provides sisterhood, resources, and cutting edge pregnancy, birthing and parenting information for both new and experienced moms and has created a whole new vision for birth workers. Anni’s other books include Organically Raised: Conscious Cooking for Babies & Toddlers, Ice Pop Joy, The Organic Family Cookbook, Naturally Fun Parties for Kids, & Bountiful Baby Purees. Daulter lives in Philadelphia with her sweet husband Tim and her home-birthed family. Her children are Zoë (15), Lotus Sunshine (8), Bodhi (5), and River Love (3).  Anni lives in deep gratitude for all of the blessings in her life.

14 thoughts on “Sacred Pregnancy with Anni Daulter”

  1. I remember the moment I pushed him out into the world. The slimy newness of him on my chest. And the insane amounts of joy, surprise, pride, and relief that I felt all at once in that moment. Truly life changing. So excited about what Anni is doing.

  2. I will never ever forget the moment my daughter’s head seemed to POP from my body. I didn’t know her sex until a few moments later but at that moment, there was this HUGE surge of love and power that was the BEST moment of my life. I grew a baby! I gave birth to a baby! I worked so damn hard, harder than ever before in my life, and now, I have what I have wanted my whole life. A child. I have been waiting for this since I was three and realized I could. I still look at her everyday, amazed that my husband and I made such an amazing miraculous thing together. I wish every woman who chooses could have that moment. I can’t wait to do it again!

  3. My 3rd birth was so fast and 5 weeks early. I was not mentally prepared for her birth. I had had a few contractions an hour for a couple hours. My most memorable moment was when my midwife came to me a said it looks like you are holding back its ok, just let her go. She was born 6 contractions later on our bed. I remember each contraction, each place I had them, my water breaking, and pushing her out. It was truly amazing.

  4. bought your book to journal in during my last pregnancy and loved it!! would love to share with a friend but can’t share my intimate journaling with everyone.
    My last birth was amzing fast and enjoyable. during the day I was at a family party with my midwives and then went home to cook for everyone attending birth all while enjoying my pressure waves. Then took a several laps through my neighborhood with my daugher, sister and best friend.
    I was so stressed that the plan didn’t work and no one came to pick up my 3 year old daughter but i will never forget how she would come up and rub my hips and back during a pressure wave and tell me mommy its ok. I will never forget those moments. she was in playroom with her auntie so she didn’t see him emerge into her tub but she was there just moments later to see her baby brother and snuggle mommy.

  5. The expectation of my final weeks of pregnancy were so filled with joy for me. My husband and I knew our daughter’s name and called her by it, we prayed for her together, we readied a space for her in our home. I remember each day of those final two weeks–my hope and joy and excitement!

  6. I’m 6 months pregnant today with my husband & my first child. I have to say that pregnancy has been surprising in the best way possible. I’m not ashamed to admit that I’m a crier, so I naturally thought that the first time we saw our little one via ultrasound, I would be crying tears of joy. Although I was super excited about seeing our child on screen, I was filled with so much more awe and wonderment that I was rendered tear-less. What’s been most surprising to me, in the best possible way, is finally feeling the baby’s little kicks and movements. I feel like it’s our little inside connection, that at any given point in my normal day, I get a little reminder of the wonderful blessing inside my womb. There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t thank my lucky stars for being given this amazing opportunity to bond with my child. I am looking forward to finally meeting him or her and to be able to bear witness to this little one’s journey and wonderment. I really feel like this is what I was meant to do, my highest achievement in life thus far.

  7. I would love to share this book with my pregnant friend. After my homebirth and her epidural, I want her to know that there is more out there than the hospital factory of churning out babies :) Love gDiapers and can’t wait to read Sacred Pregnancy!!!

  8. My most vivid memory of giving birth to my daughter was the quiet calm in our birthing room. I labored in a warm birth tub and had an ipod playlist with all my favorites playing for me in the background. My husband, doula, and midwife were amazing at just letting me do my thing and keeping the space sacred.

  9. Remember your pregnancy and birth experience. Was there a particular moment that you remember in exquisite detail and hold particularly sacred?
    I remember my daughter coming into the room to meet her new baby sister. She was 23 months, and we assumed that she wouldn’t really understand what was happening, and were prepared for her to revert. She came in so calmly and said, “nice, nice, nice” as she rubbed her head ever so gently over and over. She instantly knew to be gentle and loving, and when the nurse came in to do tests, my oldest cried the whole time our new baby was gone for her baby. It was the most intense pure love I had ever witnessed. Now they are 30 and 7 months, and I there is yet to be a moment where that nurturing l’ve has not been seen between them.

  10. I remember everything about my pregnancies. My son was a premmie and I remember how scared I was even more so as he was the first. I can still feel the joy that washed over me when he was okay. My daughter was a whole new experience. She came after we had lost our 2nd son in my 6th month. A entirely different level of concern was brought with carrying her. Then she came, with what was little more than a few pushes, into our world. It was amazing to have carried all 3 of my children, though I was only meant to have 2, I was blessed to know each of the 3 in the most intimate way one being can know another. And now I have entered a new phase our son is soon to have his first child. I get to WATCH a pregnancy instead of experiencing one and so far it is incredibly sacred from this angle to. Blessed I am, the whole way around :)

  11. My daughter is 19 months old tomorrow. When I found out I was pregnant it was unexpected, and I wasn’t married. My husband and I decided to have the wedding when I was 6 months pregnant and most of our families traveled from MI and upstate NY to come to FL April 3rd for our wedding. My father and Great Dane walked me down the aisle and it was the best time ever. I was going to a midwife at a birthing center – I had done a lot of research and wanted a natural birth, I wanted as little interference as possible and that’s when GDiapers was made apart of our lives when I decided to cloth diaper. I was going to get a natural henna tattoo on my belly, we even took a hypnobirthing class! When I was 32 weeks pregnant, May 30th, 2011, (one month after our wedding and families got to meet/were together) my father died suddenly of a massive heart attack. It was devastating and him and I being so close it was a tragic loss to know he would never meet his 7th grandchild. (Although my mom’s only grandchild. I’m an only child with her and my father.) So 32 weeks pregnant, I had to make an emergency trip to MI to bury my father and give a speech at his memorial. It was so emotional to watch my mother become helpless, my half siblings mourn the loss of our father and worst of all my pregnancy (which had been rough from the start) seemed not as happy anymore. I’ll never forget the plane ride home to FL from MI, I was so uncomfortable in the plane I had to stand in the back – pacing back and forth realizing how alone I felt without my daddy now. 3 weeks later I had my baby shower without my father present. The next night after my shower…5 weeks early, I woke up at 1:45am to my water breaking and contractions starting immediately. I was terrified….”It’s too early!” and “What do I do?!” Raced through my mind, I called my midwife and she advised me to go to the hospital immediately. I called my sister-in-law and mother-in-law (who happened to be visiting for my shower!) and they raced over and drove my husband and I to the hospital. I had a towel between my legs so much fluid was gushing out. My contractions were approximately 1 minute apart and by the time I reached the hospital and made it to triage I was 6 CM dilated…my head was spinning and all I kept doing was screaming and shouting as they wheeled us to labor and delivery. “What’s your birthplan?” Asked a nurse: “NOT THIS!” I screamed in her face…I was so terrified all my hynobirthing practices flew out the window and the sudden arrival of NICU nurses and ICU doctors for my preemie baby terrified me all I did was scream until they yelled at me and made me calm down….at 3:40am my daughter Devi was born within a few pushes. She was whisked away from me. At only 5 lbs she was taken straight to the NICU and never cried. That moment was so heartbreaking. I felt like I had let her down and I felt like such a failure, I did something wrong to cause her early (and extremely QUICK!) birth. At least I had no epidural and everything was natural. But I couldnt even see her till that evening. I laid in an empty, baby-less room all day recovering. I was told she was having trouble breathing and was sleeping the whole time. I had to learn how to manually pump to get my milk flowing before it was too late. I stayed in the hospital for 3 days…I’d visit her every few hours, but I had to let her sleep. She wouldn’t eat, and every ounce of energy she needed was needed to eat so I couldn’t even hold her for fear of waking her and having her use too much energy.
    She stayed in the NICU for two weeks till she could finally eat a whole 4 oz. I didn’t get a sacred birth, I was never able to get her to latch and was never able to breastfeed her. I pumped furiously though, she only had breast milk in her bottle. I never got the moment to snuggle her after her birth, and my husband didn’t even get to cut the cord. I’m so thankful she’s healthy now and she’s a reminder that when someone important left, someone more important comes. I have an angel statue from a memorial flower arrangement that was given to Devi and it sits on a shelf above her bed watching over her. I know if my father were here it would’ve been the best ever. But sometimes things don’t turn out how you expect, and that’s what makes you cherish them even more. I love my little red-head, and I’m so thankful for the supportive family I have. I had to find my own sacred pregnancy in my own way and make it work.

  12. I had a scheduled cesarean for my first, due to a medical condition. We’re aiming for a VBAC this time, and I really look forward (and am terrified of) the real process of birthing this child. Pregnancy is hard work, but I am really excited about the work of labor and birth.

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