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Reduce, recycle, reusable diapers.

November 6, 2011
photo by tabatha j. clary
photo by tabatha j. clary

Sure, we switched the order around a bit. But reduce, reusable diapers and recycle just didn’t have the same ring to it. So what’s this all about then? Why a blog post dedicated to reusable diapers? First, when it comes to gDiapers, there are two ways to interpret what it means to be a reusable diaper. The diaper cover (gPants) is reusable. So no matter if you use a disposable insert or a cloth insert, you’ll still always be re-using at least that part of it. And then naturally, if you’re inclined to go with cloth, well then you truly are opting for a completely reusable diaper option.

There are lots of reasons parents choose to use cloth diapers. Cloth diapering is gentler on the planet and easier on the wallet, to name just two. But there’s more. There is something special and time-honored in the ritual itself of use, wash, repeat. It goes back to basics. It celebrates generations of cloth-diaperers and, in a way, gives grandma a high-five. gDiapers let’s you decide if and how cloth diapering fits in to your life. Use them full-time, part-time, as doublers for overnight, when there’s a full moon, just on weekends, etc. Create your own ritual. And when you want a disposable option, just tuck in a one of our disposable* inserts instead.

And to come full circle, reusable diapers tackles the two other R’s as well. Reduce waste by using what you already have. And recycle by passing gPants and cloth inserts down to subsequent children. The three r’s are so very g.

* gDiapers Disposable Inserts are Cradle To Cradle Certified(cm) Silver, flushable and break down in home compost (wet ones only).

17 thoughts on “Reduce, recycle, reusable diapers.”

  1. Your site is very hard to use. I came to see what is available beyond the large size g diaper cover and can’t find how to order.

  2. I am using the reusable cloth inserts. My 6 week old daughter has a diaper rash. I read somewhere (can’t recall where) not to use diaper cream. Since her rash seems to be bothering her, I’ve started putting a little cream on it. I was wondering, though, why I read not to use cream.

    Also, she is a about 9 pounds (give or take) and is using the size small. However, I think the leg holes may be cutting into her leg (where the latch-and-hook is). Do you have any suggestions?

    1. We strongly recommend using the gRefills inside your tiny gPants, which is why we give you 80 of them in the gBaby bundle. When baby’s a bit bigger and ready for size smalls (which will be before you know it!) then graduate to the gCloth (sold separately).

  3. When using the gCloth, which side is supposed to go against the baby?? The hemp side or the micro fleece side?? I’m sure I probably just missed the answer on here somewhere!!

  4. My son is 3 weeks and 7 lb 11 oz and I have him in the small g diapers. the cloth inserts are are too long so i just fold them in the front since that is wear most of his urine goes anyway. However, making sure you fold it at just the right length is difficult and they have leaked more then they have not. any suggestions? Also, i actually came on here to find care instructions for washing and rash cream use but found no info but did find this blog. I saw the persons request above but you posted no answer.

    1. Please email us directly, Our customer service team is tiny (currently just one person!) and this blog is not necessarily moderated to be able to respond to all customer service questions. But if you email us, you’ll hear back within a day! :0)

    2. The only safe diaper cream I’ve found for cloth diapers is the Magic Stick by Grovia. It’s available on amazon. It works wonderfully. All my cloth diapering friends are using it as well, I’ve noticed.

  5. been using your product for a few years with the compostable inserts. Was interested in switching to the cloth inserts, was concerned with the microfleece material. Is this considered polyester as stated on amazon’s site? If so, isn’t polyester automatically treated with flame-retardants (“inherently” placed within the fibers upon production)? There have been articles/studies where they’ve found high levels of the chemical/flame retardant from kids wearing polyester pjs/clothes/mattresses etc. Can you please speak to this? thanks

  6. Hi, I also was concerned about the presence of flame retardants in the gdiapers. Our baby boy isn’t due until January so I’m starting to do all my research now. I saw on a few sites (Target included) that the diapers are marketed as “flame retardant”. Can you please explain exactly what this means and which -if any- chemicals have been used in the process.



    1. We don’t put anything on the polyester microfleece or hemp/cotton. No chemicals, sprays, finishes. All our materials are hypo allergenic, and have all independent third party lab tests to substantiate that we are not harmful to baby’s skin. We pass all US Consumer Safety Laws and Regs. We are Oeko-tex certified.
      Flame retardant claim means we can pass flame retardant tests for baby diaper category. It doesn’t mean chemicals were added. The requirements under the law are different for pajamas vs a diaper. Our committment goes beyond the requirements, we voluntarily test all products beyond what the law requires.

      Additionally, adding a chemical to the fabric would render the fabric incapable of absorbing liquids. I hope that helps!

  7. Ok, so everyone says to put the microfleece side of the cloth against baby’s bum. Which is great…except which is which? One side is fuzzier, but they are both super soft, and mine are pretty much white on both sides. Is the microfleece side the one with the little orange g tag? I just want to make sure I have this right. Was going to move my baby up to her smalls with cloth inserts today.

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