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Celebrating you, our gCommunity, and the Good Life

March 16, 2016

100 gPants. 100 stories to tell. And this one is especially great. Check out the winner of the 100th pair of gPants competition, Good Life!

Thank you gMum Nicola Rowlands, the winner of the competition, for the fun, fresh, totally “g” design. Nicola is a UK gMum, who also runs a creative business from home. She designed Good Life gPants in honor of her life as a parent: Continue reading Celebrating you, our gCommunity, and the Good Life

Behind our designs & how you can inspire the next pair of gPants

March 8, 2016

Ever wonder how we come up with the designs for gPants? We talked with co-founder Kim Graham-Nye about the process, and we’ll tell you how you can get involved too. Read on…

How do you come up with new designs?

Inspiration pops up in all kinds of places. From tea towels, pillows, stationery, shirts, bathing suits. Sometimes we’ll come right up to strangers and ask if we can take a picture of their purse! One time, we bought a set of teacups that became the inspiration for gFleur. Continue reading Behind our designs & how you can inspire the next pair of gPants

Babies big and small: a gMum interview on diapering

March 1, 2016

You’re a first-time mom snuggling a tiny, frog-legged bundle. You’re a mother of two under two, with one chunky, short infant and one long-legged sprinting toddler. No matter where you are on your parenting journey, finding the right way to diaper your baby can be tricky. So we got some advice from gMum (and gDiapers employee) Kelda about diapering her three-month-old son Kaj and now four-year-old daughter Juniper.

Continue reading Babies big and small: a gMum interview on diapering

Taking care of you: wear your mom style proudly

February 16, 2016

We were in a meeting this week when one of the moms at the table announced, “Was I the only one that left the house without looking in the mirror?” We laughed. And a couple of us smiled and said, “No.”

Taking care of ourselves as parents seems to be the last priority in our days. In fact, good days can sometimes mean just brushing our teeth. But that doesn’t mean we can’t find inspiration in the moms who refuse to let go of their self-expression and fashion.

Below, we’re sharing some mom-style bloggers who know how to balance beauty and babies. Even if you’re currently sitting in pajama pants with spit up and a coffee stained t-shirt, we hope you’ll be inspired to remember to take care of you.

Continue reading Taking care of you: wear your mom style proudly

Our favorite home remedies for baby (that you may already have in your house!)

February 11, 2016

It’s the little things that can make a big difference, right? Having the right tools to soothe your little one makes you feel a bit more relaxed. Even better, you may already have some tools in your home, ready to be rediscovered! Here are a few tricks to try with your little ones’ aches and pains:

Oatmeal baths for skin inflammations

Skin irritations like eczema and diaper rash are so common in babies. If yours suffers from minor skin issues, try giving her a warm oatmeal bath. There are a couple ways of doing this: using traditional rolled oats, grind them up into a powder in a food processor, or wrap a handful in a piece of cheesecloth. Mix a handful of oatmeal powder into a baby bath of warm water, or steep the cheesecloth pouch in the water like a teabag. Play with your baby in the bath for about ten minutes, and then gently pat her dry with a towel. The oatmeal naturally soothes the irritation. (And don’t forget using more breathable diapers like gDiapers can reduce the chances of getting rashes too!)

Photo credit: Sten Porse via Wikimedia Commons

Continue reading Our favorite home remedies for baby (that you may already have in your house!)


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