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mama-to-be on the high seas.

gDiapers On Location

July 16, 2013

This is a story that is unfolding right now. It’s a story of journey, of divergence and convergence, of intimate connection, of power and loss of control. It’s a story with a messy plotline and lacking a conclusion. This story starts right now and will take us from sea level to 10,000’. It’s gDiapers on location.

Together we’ll follow the stories of families who have committed to using gDiapers. We have asked that they use them with 100% honesty. How do gDiapers play into these families’ lives? What works and what doesn’t? What is going on in their worlds as they embrace life with a baby (and then babies!), from their choice of diaper to any details, struggles, triumphs, laughs and woes they care to share. We will introduce these families one at a time, on location. And that is where the story starts. Let’s see what unfolds.

8 thoughts on “gDiapers On Location”

  1. Love this idea! Real use of a real product. I love that you guys are so positive about your product. It’s refreshing to follow a company that doesn’t blow smoke at the consumer.

  2. i’d be interested in writing a blog post for you guys on this! we’re on the road constantly for appointments (minimum one a week, usually two or three) for the disabled husband and my four year old, and our nine week old rocks the gDiapers wherever we go. :-)

  3. I am also a boat mama (with a 5 month old). I LOVE gDiapers but didn’t think it was possible to use them while sailing abroad. Very interested to see how this works. Is she using disposable inserts? (If so, where does she buy internationally?) Is she hand washing cloth inserts? If so, I live on a boat, and hand washing anything, not to mention poopy diapers, is not fun. VERY keen to learn how she does it!

    1. Hi Charlotte! We’ll be unveiling more of the story this week, and it is still in its early stages. It truly is unfolding just now (her baby was just born last week, earlier than expected by a few weeks). She has both cloth and disposable inserts and we’ll be hearing her take on using both of them on the boat.

  4. Oh, I could share some great stories from our first year (baby is almost 16 months, now) including trial & error at home and cross-country trips for 6 weddings in 5 months! gDiapers have been with us through it all :)

  5. Sweet! Can’t wait to hear some of these stories!

    My little guy is seventh months old (today!) and he’s been a gBaby since birth! I had no plans to use cloth diapers exclusively, ’cause we’re a very busy little family, but the g seriously made it so easy that we’re pretty much 100% cloth now! (g is for “gateway”?)

    If you need stories, I’d love to tell ours too, but I’m sure there are more exciting (boat mamas?! What What!) ones out there.

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