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photo by Christina Probeyahn

Multiples of g.

September 29, 2011

Sometimes babies come in bundles. Thank goodness, so do gDiapers. So all the beautiful babies in your world can be covered comfortably, adorably, and affordably. Here are some tips for using gDiapers with multiples:

  • Plan on having 6 gPants per baby, per size. Use our bundle options (like the everyday g’s or the rainbow g’s) to stock up without breaking the bank. 
  • Take advantage of ways to save on inserts. Sign up for emails so you’re alerted to deals on disposable inserts, or subscribe to autoship and get free shipping every time and have your inserts delivered predictably and conveniently.*
  • If using cloth inserts, plan on 10-12 diaper changes a day, per baby. So you’re looking at a 30-36 cloth insert requirement per day. Keep in mind you will want more than that to have a buffer for time in between laundry days. Cloth inserts can be a hefty initial investment for even one baby, but it will pay off in spades.
  • Re-sale! Stock up on gPants and cloth inserts via re-sale forums. We have one of our own on our facebook page, but check locally, too.

Give us a shout (or a whisper) if you want more tips for using gDiapers with multiples. Whether they’re brand new babies or a bit bigger and crawling into cupboards, all we’ve got to say is this: we’re so very very glad you’re here.

photo by Christina Probeyahn


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4 thoughts on “Multiples of g.”

    1. Congratulations! The everyday g’s and sweet bundle are a great way to get started with twins. Since I’m a little tardy in responding to your comment (I’m so sorry! darn this adjusting to the blogosphere thing!), I imagine your babies are beyond the brand new stage and ready for size smalls. You’ll want 6-8 little gPants per size. The everyday g’s are 6 pants, in our signature colors, green and orange. The sweet bundle is simply a combination of everyday g’s and gRefills (our biodegradable, disposable insert – super convenient for busy parents!). This has been a popular route for parents with multiples in the past. One dad told me he always put one baby in the orange and one in the green. He said he ran his own little science experiment to see which one went through more diapers. The results? His baby in green. That little story has little relevance except for I thought it was fun. :0)

      For more tips, feel free to email us directly, We’re a lot faster on email than on blog (a few hours to respond versus, um, nearly a month. Yikes.).

  1. We started using G diapers about a month ago. Our twins are 9 months old now. I do at least one load of laundry a day and now am doing two now that we’ve added the diapers. I found we do just fine with 4 gPants per baby since we are using up our disposables at night. It’s not much of a transition for us-just changing a little more often. I don’t sleep well if there’s laundry to be done in preparation for the next day but if you don’t mind a little more diapers to wash, you will probably do better with the 6 pack per kiddo. When we transition from mediums to larges, I’ll probably order the 6 pack in boy and 6 pack in girl just to have a few more on hand.
    We got the orange and green bundle and have one snazzy diaper when we want to show off their cute bums. At the beginning, we were too overwhelmed to handle cloth diapers as well as going from zero to two babies in our house. The next baby, I think we’ll be doing g Diapers from the start.

  2. I am expecting twins in March and I have already found some little gpants and size smalls in my local consignment shop. I am excited to use cloth diapers, and I, too am going from zero to two babies. Many people think we’re crazy for doing cloth but after much research I assume gdiapers will be easy for first timers.

    I would use the disposable inserts for the first 10 days or so and then will use cloth. However it seems especially with the tinygpants that the inserts make it bulky. Has anyone had trouble fitting their clothes over it? Any advice would be helpful.

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