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Meet the gTeam. Finally.

March 11, 2013

After 7+ years of covering your babies bums, we think it’s about time we told you who we are, what the heck we do here, and why the gosh darn we do it. So today we kick off our Meet the gTeam blog series with a game and a giveaway. The prize? A $50 gift certificate to use on Woo hoo!

How this will work:

  1. See if you can match the gTeam baby pic to the correct name.
  2. Leave a blog comment with your match guesses. Do as many as you want, but do at least a few. Because it’s FUN.
  3. Aaaaand that’s it. You’re then entered to win. The winner will be drawn at random from the blog comments on Monday, March 18, 2013. We’ll tell you the answers on Monday, too.

When the game’s all over, we’ll start rolling out some biographies, videos, photos, interviews, trivia and goodness knows what else about each one of us. Why? Because some of you have said you’d kinda like to know us a bit better. We’re just people that make earth-friendly diapers. But we have this here blog, and apparently, some time on our hands, so here we go!

Here is the gTeam roster (intentionally out of order from the pics, we’re not going to just GIVE you the answers!):

a) Doe Hatfield, marketing manager b) Dawn Harrison, finance manager c) Stephanie Terrell, accounting coordinator d) Kelli McKee, communications manager  e) Andi Allcroft, senior revenue accountant, f) Tyler Pechette, director of global ops g) Michelle Schnoor, retail brand director  h) Karen Rockness, product manager  i) Jeff Harvey, sales operations manager j) Mike Dodge, digital director  k) Kate French, vp of marketing  l) Marty Hagge, vp of sales  m) Heather McPhee, diaper therapist to the eco-savvy  n) Jeff Beyer, COO  o) Jolynn Mitchell, vp of merchandising  p) Mimi Starrett, designer/development manager  q) Kelda Gilbert-Schmidt, diaper therapist/inside sales  r) Jason Graham-Nye, CEO/co-founder  s) Kim Graham-Nye, president/co-founder  t) Louise Kjellerup Roper, director of marketing/gNappies  u) Stephanie Townsend, nappy therapist/gNappies

ready, set, match!

meet the gTeam

about the author Kelli McKee (also known as Kelli Martinelli) has been with gDiapers since 2006. Her work as blogger and communications manager has been to build and nurture a community of moms and dads across the vast expanse of social media. She also writes web content, press releases, her own blog Sunshine Daydreams and lunchbox love notes for her 2 kiddos. Follow Kelli on the gDiapers bloggoogle + and twitter.

37 thoughts on “Meet the gTeam. Finally.”

    1. Okay, Mimi is 11? Kate is 15? Heather is 5? Dodge is 2? 17 is thinking, “When I grow up, I’m working on a cloth diaper that causes less junk in the trunk!” 😉

  1. You guys could all be gbabies. So cute! Ok here are my guesses (I never get these kinds of things right):

    #10 Karen Rockness, #21 Mike Dodge, #16 Jason Graham-Nye, #15 Heather McPhee, #18 Michelle Schnoor, #20 Kim Graham-Nye, #4 Kelli McKee

  2. #1 = t
    #2 = j
    #3 = g
    #4 = d
    #5 = l
    #7 = r
    #14 = i
    #15 = s
    #17 = f
    #19 = n

    OK… I can’t do all of them before I have to go to bed. But they’re all pretty darn cute!

  3. 6 is Louise from gnappies, well that’s my guess that I’m pretty positive but the rest? Lol

    Kim 1

    Jason 7


  4. My first guess is that 10 is Kim because that little girl looks familiar. And #20 for Kelli because that baby looks sort of like the baby in her picture above. :)

  5. oh man,i am sure i got none of these right but it was fun trying!

  6. 1. Karen Rockness
    2. Jolynn Mitchell
    3. Marty Hagge
    4. Stephanie Townsend
    5. Mimi StarrettDoe Hatfield
    6. Dawn Harrison
    7. Kate French
    8. Andi Allcroft
    9. Louise Kjellerup Roper
    10. Heather McPhee
    11. Kelda Gilbert-Schmidt
    12. Michelle Schnoor
    13. Stephanie Terrell
    14. Jeff Harvey
    15. Kelli McKee
    16. Jason Graham-Nye
    17. Mike Dodge
    18. Kim Graham-Nye
    19. Jeff Beyer
    21. Tyler Pechette

  7. 1 e-Andi
    2 i-Jeff
    3 q-Kelda
    4 m-Heather
    5 p-Mimi
    6 o-Jolynn
    7 r-Jason
    8 s-Kim
    9 a-Doe
    10 c-Stephanie
    11 k-Kate
    12 h-Karen
    13 u-Stephanie
    14 n-Jeff
    15 b-Dawn
    16 t-Louise
    17 l-Marty
    18 d-Kelli
    19 f-Tyler
    20 g-Michelle
    21 j-Mike

  8. oh gosh haha im sure these are wrong but

    1 e
    2 i
    3 q
    4 m
    5 p
    7 r
    8 s
    9 a
    10 c
    11 k
    12 h
    13 u
    15 b
    17 l
    18 d
    19 f
    21 j

  9. Ok, here goes

    started gdiapering a week ago, and love them <3 so does my one year old! :)

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