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hand me downs.

October 10, 2011
photo by Makenzie Rea State
photo by Makenzie Rea State

You know what’s not cool? Handing over our garbage to the next generation. You know what is cool? Using yesteryear’s gDiapers on subsequent children.

No matter what you choose to use inside gPants, you still have the luxury of getting to use gPants over and over and over again. We’ve had parents use the same gPants on their 3rd and even 4th babies! True story. Yes, they may no longer look fresh as a daisy. They are still clothing and clothing, as we’re aware, will wear out the more it is used and washed. But we all know that there is a time and place for those well-loved hand-me-downs, and we have some great tips on taking care of your gPants so they’ll last and last.

Sometimes customers will ask us why we don’t use snaps on our gPants. Several reasons. But a big one is that snaps are not an easy fix. If a snap breaks and needs replacing, it’s kind of a big deal for a lot of folks (not all of us are savvy with a sewing machine or snap punch). But velcro is simple. It may wear out with time, but we’re happy to offer replacement hook (that’s the scratchy side of the velcro, the piece that can wear out). We’ll even send along simple instructions. It can be stitched on by hand or by machine, whichever is easiest for you. That way you can keep on using those little gPants. And keep on growing.

Need replacement velcro for gPants? You can find them on We offer kits that include replacement hook for up to 6 pairs of gPants. The first kit is on us. Click through for details. If you need more than that, hook kits are available for purchase. Parts and pieces are not available for reasons other than refurbishing worn out gPants. We just want you to be able to keep using what you already have.

5 thoughts on “hand me downs.”

  1. I love this! I can’t wait to be able to pass down the gDiapers. The fact that there are so many gender neutral colors is awesome! I love being able to help the planet time and time again!

  2. I need to replace most of the velcro on my g diapers, is there anyway I can purchase the velcro from you? I will need more than six, about 25 pairs. Most of my g diapers have been used on two children and would like new velcro for the one I’m expecting as most of my diapers especially the medium and large ones don’t stay closed all that well anymore.

  3. After one wash I have a pouch with a broken snap. I threw away the receipt. I was hoping to be able to get a single replacement snap. Can you help me with this? I hate throwing away a perfectly good pouch, but I’m afraid to use it with only 3 snaps.

  4. I am a big fan of reusing diapers and have recently acquires 18 tiny Gs, used, for my baby due to arrive in about 8 weeks. The majority of the diapers are in excellent condition, however 8 of them have elastic around the legs, front, and back, in which the plastic covering has peeled or is peeling off. I’m worried this may lead to leaking issues for my newborn. Is this something that is a common occurrence with tiny Gs after use? Is this something that I should attempt to fix or should they work well even with peeled off elastic. Thanks so much!

  5. If anyone has some small diapers they no longer need and would like to make sure they go to a good home please let me know. My husband and i are both in the marines and we just found out we are 10weeks pregnant with twins. I am looking for lightly loved gdiapers for purchase since we will have 2 bundles to cloth here very soon. My husband is still very off put by cloth diapers, but with gdiapers flushable inserts I think I can get him to come around. Thank you for your time.

    Cpl Vargas

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