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gMum? gDad? what the who?

November 4, 2011
photo by charlotte lee, gMum
photo by Charlotte Lee

You’ve looked at the website. You’ve inspected the sign up form. And you may have heard chatter on our facebook page about gMum kits. But you’re still wondering who the heck a gMum or gDad is. Here’s how it started. In a nutshell. Cause as moms and dads, sometimes the shell is really all we have time for.

Just a few short years ago when gDiapers was in its infancy, there already seemed to be blooming a genuine passion for our product. Emails were pouring in. The phones were ringing. Moms were camping out on the front porch (kidding, but some did suggest they would). Moms and dads were reaching out to us and asking “how can I help?” There was a little bit of chin-scratching. Hmm. How could we, a teeny tiny company, empower our passionate customers so that they could indeed help spread the word about gDiapers, and have a lot of fun in the process? We needed some organization. Some strategy. Clearly some branded t-shirts. And someone to lead the charge.

The gMum program began to take shape. Michelle, our director of marketing, talked with like-minded companies and created some awesome partnerships so that she could build fun and amazing kits. She loaded these (often by hand, surrounded by a fortress of boxes) with gDiapers branded tees, hats, beachballs, etc. and goodies from partners, along with gDiapers brochures, stickers and window clings. Then she shipped them out from coast to coast so that gMums and gDads could spread the word.

While the contents of the kits have changed over the years, the passion has not. gMum kits are shipped a couple of times a year. We’re still a very very small team (18) and now the US gMum program is run by Doe Hatfield. She has a very full inbox.

So if you’re interested, if you feel the itching to chat it up with other parents in the diaper aisle, take a second to sign up. Doe will hold on to it, and when it’s time to start considering the next batch of kits, she’ll send you a link to a survey so you can decide if you want to opt in to that round or sit it out til a later time.

Read one gMums story on on Greek Momma. It’s real genuine passion.


13 thoughts on “gMum? gDad? what the who?”

  1. We have been honored to get the gmum/gdad kits and spread the word! It’s so fun to get other friends on board with the gLove!!!

  2. I wanted to sign up, but I am not due till July 11, 2012. Is there any way I can get on a mailing list to recieve information. I am all about this produck =)

  3. So excited to help spread the word. I’ve been doing it since my daughter was born. Everytime I go to the doctors the nurses ask, when I went to babyshowers I educated everyone there about them. My daughter is a gdiaper spokes person. I was SOOO excited to find out that I can get brocheres and things to help spread the word. Maybe I can get the toys r us in town to stock gdiapers so I don’t have to drive an hour to stock up.

  4. I have already been telling everyone I know how awesome these diapers are. A kit would make it that much easier! Where do I sign up for one of these awesome kits?!

  5. There’s a sign up link in the blog. Sign up now and we’ll be sure to email you when it’s time for the next kit. This one, however, is already underway. Thanks for spreading the word Erica!

  6. Hi there. I just received my kit in the mail. And while I sincerely appreciate the opportunity to be involved, I have to admit I was a bit underwhelmed. I received a stack of $2 off coupons and a pewter ‘genuine’ medallion. Not sure what I was expecting, but at the very least, I thought you would have included a letter with a thank you and some ideas about how to spread the word. Or something else to explain your thinking behind the package.

    Do gMums receive just the one kit? Is this the normal make-up of all kits? Thanks!

  7. I am due in May 2013 can I still sign up to be a gmum mailing list? I am trying to have info to put in with my baby shower invites! I am hoping to be exclusively gdiapers!!!!!

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