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A new part of a gentle skincare routine: Welcome Gentle Wipes.

February 25, 2014

Spring is knocking on the door here in Portland and we’re thinking about changing our babies out of fleece and snow gear and into something a little more cotton-forward. As their tender skin gets ready for another season’s turn, we’re so pleased to introduce new Gentle Wipes to In reformulating our new wipes, simplicity was the goal. We’ve included only what you need to get the job done, in the gentlest formula for baby’s skin.

You can read all the details on new Gentle Wipes ingredients and towel components here, but we’ll sum up the finer points:

  • Made with ingredients you already know by name
  • 100% plant fiber towel
  • No added fragrances to come between you and your baby
  • Chlorine free. Alcohol free.
  • Hypoallergenic; gluten-free

We’ve had our turn sharing the skincare philosophy that led to new Gentle Wipes. Today, we want to hear from you. Tell us your special tip for taking care of your baby’s tender skin (bonus points if it includes something we already have on-hand in our cupboard or if your grandmother used the same trick!). We’ll send three commenters, picked at random, a case of Gentle Wipes to complement their routine.

Gentle Wipes

106 thoughts on “A new part of a gentle skincare routine: Welcome Gentle Wipes.”

  1. Using coconut oil has been a life saver in our house! Not only is it natural and organic but it’s great for diaper rash and did wonders for my little guys cradle cap! Certainly not the least expensive oil out there but natural and so diverse in its uses!

  2. My favorite baby skin care tip? Breast milk is liquid gold! Use it for cradle cap, eczema, diaper rash, hives and many other skin ailments and it works wonders!

  3. CORNSTARCH!!!!!! Not only is it cheap but it works great on diaper rash. Some if the kids I look after use diapers and I have seen the havoc they cause on sensitive bums. Sores, blister, bleeding rashes just to name a few. I grab all the water toys I can a bath chair if needed, and head to the tub or baby pool. I have helped so many hinnies get better.

  4. Our fav natural home remedy is African Shea butter infused with lavender (make it ion our stove) Having a babe that is biracial makes keeping their ski soft a full time job! We love our diapers and wipes, my sweet boy has never had anything else touch his sweet bum.

  5. I have been using a home remedy to use homemade wipes. Simple ingrediants such as water, coconut oil, some baby wash, and if you want an oil to give it a scent, to keep my baby’s skin safe. I will have to give these wipes a try to have on hand! The regular wipes seems to take the breath away from my baby girl when we wipe down her face. Can’t have that for my precious love.

  6. For babies over a year, honey is a much safer and cheap alternative to cough syrup for that pesky cough… and kiddos love it!

  7. Whenever baby is getting a rash we just let him soak in the tub for a few extra minutes. By the time he is out and dry the redness is gone :-)

  8. Mix breast milk with coconut oil to cure any skin irritant. Personally I cured my son’s yeast infection in a weekend this way.

    Mix honey and cinnamon to help the common cold.

  9. Very big into using breast milk for all things… but I’ve used water wipes, wushu wipes and flannels with water for a long time to gently cleanse and combat diaper rash, so I’m excited to make Gentle Wipes a part of my routine!!

  10. We use coconut oil for dry skin, diaper rash, and cradle cap. We also use breast milk on diaper rash and other skin problems!

  11. Both coconut oil for skin and breastmilk for eyes have been my favorites too! I also love taken alfalfa tablets for many reasons including supplying vitamin k for baby!

  12. If your kiddo scratches his/her face (or if you have a toddler that loves to play outside and gets boo-boos) – use aloe vera or witch hazel on the wound. It heals A LOT faster! (I use both in conjunction with each other – also works well on older kids and yourself!) Cleanse with Witch Hazel, soothe with Aloe. :)

  13. We live and die by coconut oil. Our middle child was “blessed” with skin so delicate, any change in her hygiene routine results in a breakout or patch of eczema. We use coconut oil as her moisturizer, diaper cream, lip balm… Our youngest doesn’t have the sensitive skin but we have continued the practice of coconut oil as well as breastmilk for cure alls.

  14. I was told to use Golden Seal on the umbilical cord scar instead of alcohol – it is better for baby. We also used olive oil on the cradle cap, and coconut oil for dry skin and scabs. Baby also does not need to be bathed every day – they do not get that dirty, and it just dries out the delicate skin! Of course, cloth diapering is another big way to keep harmful chemicals away from baby!

  15. Whatever the problem is, there’s an essential oil for it! Or coconut oil or breast milk or apple cider vinegar or herbs! All natural!

  16. Our baby is still pretty new to be experimenting with anything on her gentle skin, but we always have coconut oil on hand and will be using some for her skin if needed. We are trying to find the best wipes for our baby and can’t wait to try this new formula for her little bum! My mom says corn starch for the neck area helps a lot!

  17. We use cloth wipes at home, to compliment our gCloth inserts, and a little warm water usually does the trick. But we also keep a spray bottle with witch hazel and essential oils (tee tree and lavender) in case our baby needs a little something extra!

    The gWipes have always been our go-to for the diaper bag, along with gRefills. But the new Gentle Wipes took a great thing and made it even better! I love how natural the new formula is, and especially how well it cleans. And the wipes feel more like cloth.

  18. Coconut oil for most things. Also earth mama oils and other products have been awesome to make homemade wipes and massage oils.

  19. I love these diapers. There is just something about seeing a baby in cloth that makes me happy. Whether it is because it helps reduce waste, or because of the adorableness factor, I may never know.

  20. Here’s a one ingredient trick for cradle cap: coconut oil! You probably have it on hand in the kitchen. Just before baby’s bath, warm up a small amount of coconut oil in your hands to liquefy. Grab it gently on the scalp baby’s head wherever there is any gunky cradle cap (I call it cradle cap.) Leave on for about five minutes and then very gently with your fingernails scrape the scales of cradle cap loose. They will probably still be stuck to the hair but don’t worry. When you next wash baby’s hair as usual with gentle baby shampoo everything should come out perfect!

  21. My favorite body care tip is using essential oils as well as using “the Balm!” on any skin ailment. It works wonders. It’s a blend of natural and vegan ingredients.

  22. Lotioning my little one everyday and olive oil on her scalp (she doesn’t have much hair yet. For her bottom we use Anti-monkey butt ointment. I am curious though about the coconut oil.

  23. For cradle cap I use 100% olive oil, it works every time and I always have some in the house :)

    For diaper rashes or chapped lips I use breast milk. Although I do have to say that once I started using gdiapers on my baby girl at 2 months She hasn’t had a rash. My husband and I are absolutely in love with gdiapers :)

  24. I have a newborn and was finding that the folds in his armpits and leg creases were getting irritated from moisture. I put organic corn starch in those areas now to keep them dry in between baths. No more irritation! :)

  25. Bathe infrequently with Dove soap, pat dry, slather on cetaphil twice per day. I know these aren’t the most “natural” products, but they’re super gentle on my eczema boy!

  26. My mother-in-law says she swears by cornstarch and lavender for diaper rash. Of course, we never have to worry about diaper rash with gDiapers – only with disposables!

  27. Breast milk is good for just about everything! Clears up the goopy eyes or even pink eye, great to clear up those stuffy noses, also good for rashes on the skin, not to mention filling babes tummy!

  28. I like to leave our baby’s diaper off for a while if she gets diaper rash. It really helps it clear up on the rare occasions that she gets it. After reading other posts here though, I will be buying coconut oil!

  29. One of my fave body care tips is using organic apple cider vinegar as a toner for my face. I just swab a little bit of a cotton ball and rub it on my face. It balances the ph (skin is naturally acidic) and kills bacteria that leads to break outs!

  30. For those really bad diaper rashes I use bag balm. It works wonders. It also helps the healing process for other sores, cuts, etc.

  31. Although baby smells great fresh out of the bath, more baths are not always better. If struggling with dry skin, try bathing baby every other day or every three days doing warm washcloth wipedowns in between. Cleared our babe’s dry skin right up!

  32. I love using baby lotion with lavender to help soothe my baby before bed time. Breast milk is also a life saver for so many reasons! Especially baby acne!

  33. We didn’t use any soap on our little guy unless absolutely necessary and only bathed him twice a week until he was one. His pediatrician said that’s why he had such soft, beautiful skin. Since then, we keep his skin soft with coconut oil.

  34. Seems like a log of gmums and gdads agree that coconut oil is amazing! Use it on my 2 month old and I use it on myself. I also love essential oils like lavender! So many amazing uses!

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