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Ah. This is the (work) life.

April 16, 2013

The gDiapers story.

Ever since conception, gDiapers has insisted that business and family can go together better. We’ve had onsite childcare from day one. It’s evolved with time, taking a different shape as the business has grown. But no matter the configuration, what it allows is a freedom for parents to have more time with their children, for nursing moms to conveniently feed their little ones, and for us all to be more interconnected. Here is just a sampling of some of our personal experiences.

gBaby Keagan takes his first steps in the gDiapers customer service office.

“We started gDiapers 8 years ago with flex friendly policies at the fore. We were parents to brand new babies and there was simply no other way to run the company 10,000 miles away from home (Sydney) without permanent back up! We set up onsite day care, offered 4 weeks paid leave and 3 months paid maternity leave, along with the option to telecommute. Today we are moving to a model that moves people into work that is truly in their affinity, not just in their job description.”

Jason Graham-Nye, CEO

We have lots of work to be done here at gDiapers, and we know that the work will happen whether it’s at our desks or from our kitchen tables. And we have seen that true innovative work does not have to happen between normal operating hours. We encourage each other to work from home when it makes sense. To use our paid time off. To be available to our children when they need us, not just when it’s before and after the typical work day.  Does this make us a happy company? It certainly makes us happier individuals, which bodes well for the company in which we thrive. Does it make us more productive? We’re doing jobs that we love in an environment that supports our individuality and our families! The answer is off-the-charts YES. That’s not to say it’s all sunshine and hopscotch. Family flexible also comes with its own set of challenges. For example, sometimes meetings are difficult to arrange owing to the infrequency in which everyone is actually in the office. But we keep ourselves open for adaptation, grow from what we know works and learn from what we know doesn’t.

“Coming back to work after having a new baby is never easy.  But it was much more tolerable because I could bring my newborn with me.  The whole office stopped when he had a giant belly laugh and grinned right along with me. They held him and loved him.  It was like having 15 extra Aunts and Uncles.  And after a couple months of that it became much easier to leave him downstairs at daycare.  The transition had been extended and gentle on everyone involved.”

Stephanie, all-around-jillaroo, gDiapers

“Working for g means I can work and be a mum at the same time. I work when my children are at school and pick up again when they have gone to bed. Not only does it give me wonderful time with my children every day, it means we don’t need to pay a stranger to pick them up and hear their news from the school day, take them to after school activities and feed them as we have done in the past. That saves us money but more importantly; it has given me the opportunity to be close with my children without sacrificing work. Leaving me more fulfilled and happy. And happy parents do lead to happier children.”

Louise, marketing director, gNappies

“We have an awesome daycare just downstairs, so I get to see Quinn playing while I’m working, plus I can pop in on him during the workday, attend field drips, etc.   Being able to drop off and pick up my older son most days from his school is incredible. I break away from work to attend his field trips and special events, coach his teams, etc.  all without sacrificing professional life.  gD doesn’t make me choose work or family, but let’s me blend the two. It makes me my family happier, healthier, and more productive.”

Mike, digital director, gDiapers

“I have a difficult time putting into words how much the family friendly atmosphere here at gDiapers means to me.  I know that moms drop off their babies at daycare everyday and they are fabulous mothers and excellent employees.  That said, when I first came to g, my first child was just 3 months old.  I could not imagine leaving my baby for the 40+ hours/week job that I worked prior to giving birth.  I knew my co-workers at my last job had kids, but I didn’t know a thing about them.  The atmosphere there was to be an employee while you are at work, and all the other stuff would have to wait until after hours.  I just couldn’t imagine leaving my little Zephyr, not only physically, but emotionally as well.

The family friendly atmosphere at g has allowed me to thrive as a working mom.  The flexibility and understanding that motherhood doesn’t always work around business hours gives me the opportunity to meet my children’s and families’ needs while still growing and learning as an employee.  Children are as welcome at our desks and meetings.  Co-workers became family, it truly feels like raising my kids in a ‘village’.  Consequently, I feel fulfilled, not torn between my job and family.  I know all of the items on my to-do list are valued (both the home and work list) and I feel encouraged and supported to get them all done.  It is motivating because it is all recognized as important.  And, as a professional woman, you don’t have to make that choice…to work or to stay home.  You can be great at both.”

Karen, rockstar, gDiapers

This isn’t a new concept. But it’s been buried behind an era of a Mad Men style workplace for decades (kind of like how cloth diapers used to be the normal thing, then we fumbled and went with plastic diapers that polluted our planet and gave our babies rashes, and now we’re starting to recover the fumble ….).

Thank goodness other family friendly companies are out there. And they’re speaking up! They’re showing the rest of the world that not only is a family flexible model better for families, it TRULY is better for business. Better for the planet. Better for everybody.

Please say hello to Moby Wrap. They’re family friendly from the cozy products that hug baby close, to the open arms of their business that keeps family close.

The Moby Wraps story.

Amelia, Moby Wrapped up with her mama, Marisa during a typical workday.

Moby is a pretty neat place to work if you love babies.  We make such an amazing tool for parents and babies! We receive daily emails from parents who use all caps and exclamation points to emphasize what a difference Moby Wraps have made for their families.  They tell us that they couldn’t have kept their sanity through the infant months without their beloved Moby. They tell us that their colicky/fussy/won’t-let-me-put-him-down baby was “only happy” in the Moby. We hear about incredible adventures the family was able to experience because the baby was contentedly sleeping through it all in their Moby.  Pretty amazing, right?

Moby is ALSO a great place to work if you love babies because there is often a baby in the office.  Moby staffers are lucky enough to get to bring their babies with them to work! Needless to say, we recognize how lucky we – and our babies – are. The joy, peace of mind, convenience and closeness with our little ones are just a few of the many benefits of working with baby. For our coworkers, having babies at the office is a reminder of the importance of the work we do as a maker of baby carriers and other good things for families.

I know firsthand how lucky Moby staffers with babies are. Since her birth 11 months ago, my own baby, Amelia, has been with me at the Moby office daily. From the beginning she’s spent much of her day peacefully snuggled up to me, while I work at my desk. I’ve had the luxury of caring for Amelia while I’m at the Moby office: holding her close while I work at my computer or go to a staff meeting, nursing her when she’s hungry, watching her learn to explore and play nearby on the floor and cuddling her to sleep in a wrap at naptime. My coworkers are some of her favorite people and she loves interacting with them. She is like one of our team members.

Others at the Moby office have experienced the same joys of sharing their workday with their babies. It all began with Moby founders Gillian and David who brought their own babies to the office while they worked. They created a company culture where babies are welcomed in the office.  It’s pretty inspiring to get to see our real satisfied customers – the babies themselves – right here in our workspace so regularly. Becky’s little guy, Zac, came to the office with her from 2 weeks to 18 months old. He was so sweet – and peacefully slept while she was on the phone or answering emails. Many of our customers have had the pleasure of talking to Becky and often, little did they know, her baby son was asleep right on her, snuggled in a wrap. (That’s part of what makes her such an empathetic and helpful person to call with any Moby question you may have…).  Zac also got to model for us: that cute little guy on our Moby Knot Hat tags? That’s him! Margaret, staffer Mackey’s wife, stops by the office with their daughter, Gabriella, to take a nursing break and visit with the staff.

I spend so much of my day at work putting the feeling of connecting with one’s baby into words.  “Closeness” “cozy” “cuddles” “contentment” “comfort” “connection” – these C words are my professional lingo. Having my baby with me has magnified for me the meaning of my work and made me incredibly appreciative of how lucky baby Amelia and I both are!

Marisa, Moby Wrap

How can we make this type of work life work for everybody?

At gDiapers and Moby Wrap we see that this change can happen. That it, in fact, HAS to happen if we are to progress. So we’re telling our stories. Tell yours, too. Do you work for a family flexible business? Do you know of businesses that are adopting a family flexible model? Do you know of a business that is considering it? Then please share! The more we show what a “new normal” can look like, and hear from the employees that it truly works, the more likely we will see this become standard business practice.

about the Moby Wrap author Marisa Frantz Marisa has held several positions during her years on the Moby Wrap team, most recently as Director of Operations. A mom of 4, Marisa has a trio of elementary school aged kiddos in addition to baby Amelia. Outside of work she enjoys road trips with an absorbing audiobook, leisurely family dinners and hunting down deals in consignment stores.

347 thoughts on “Ah. This is the (work) life.”

  1. would love to work for a truly family flexible company but my manager does allow me to bring my new baby for meetings if absolutely neccessary. I’m a Lactation Consultant at a hospital and have a breatfeeding 6 month old :) but sadly i have some co workers who are not as flexible. it’s really sad when we can’t support each other!

  2. I work for Coldwell Banker schmidt- Charlevoix, MI. This is a very family oriented company. they even made it possible for me to take a three month Maternity leave with one month paid:) I am now back to work full time and breast feeding. All of the Real Estate Agents here in the office help out and pick up responsibility when I need to pump. I’m working in my ideal location haha I am very blessed.

  3. I LOVE both gdiapers and moby wraps! They are the best! I do not work outside of our home, and for that I am grateful, but INSIDE our home is my full time job, our family. My moby wrap has been my lifesaver with my older kids and is looking a little bit worn. I would love to replace it!

  4. Luckily I get to work from home. That’s pretty much as family friendly as it gets. Although not necessarily easier…
    I love supporting companies like gdiapers & moby. Great products AND great people! Thanks for all you do!

  5. I have the best job in the world! I am a stay at home mommy and wife. I think it’s awesome to try and create a family friendly workplace though- it certainly makes life a lot better for te mommies and babies who go to work outside of ther home.

  6. I wish there were more businesses and industries open to parents like this. Unfortunately mine is not one that is very pro-family :(

  7. I would love to work for a family flexible company! I have decided to go back for my PhD, so I can work as a consultant and hopefully make my own hours. :)

  8. currently on mat leave and dreading the retun to work. really hoping my employer will be flexible with scheduling to accommodate being a mom! it would be a dream come true to bring babe with me :)

  9. My dream workplace would have an in-house daycare and would let me have my daughter in my office with me during on occasion. ….and one that offered adult naptime would be nice too!

  10. I wish more companies were family friendly. I chose to give up my career in order to raise my children because that was not an option where I worked.

  11. I would love to be able to work from home.

    I’ve just learned how to make sauerkraut! I have my second batch fermenting now. Can’t wait till it’s ready it is so good (beets, cabbage, and ginger)

  12. I work for a local church that didn’t really have a policy in place, since I was the first preggo ever on the payroll. They totally worked with me to get half of my time working from home, and the other half with my babysitter in the nursery. I could not have gone back to work any other way!

  13. I WISH that my work was even a little bit family friendly, they have no care or compassion for people with families and I feel like I get punished if I need to be with my child because he is sick and unable to go to daycare. I can not tell you how much I would love to work for gDiapers or Moby Wraps to be able to have both a family and a career. I feel like I am forced to choose and to me that doesn’t seem right.

  14. I would love to work at a lactation consultant but still be able to spend plenty of time with my little ones. I love Moby and G’s and have used both products with my three little ones. Moby is great for breastfeeding Mommy :)

  15. The company that I work for is very good at treating me like family. When I need time off for my son, they allow it. When maternity time comes around, I get it off with no problems. My boss just takes over my work and does it all while I am gone!

  16. My dream workplace would be a rehabilitation facility for amputees. I do not like sauerkraut.
    Thank you for the opportunity of such a wonderful giveaway!

  17. My ideal workplace would definitely be a place that is family oriented; which, for me, means that I can bring my children and my fur babies with me. Right now I’m a stay at home Army wife and mom and I love every minute of it. But once I finish my Master’s, I hope to find a job where family is a top priority.

  18. My dream office would be in my office at home instead of my office downtown. And no, I do not like sauerkraut.

  19. I am fortunate to work from home as I am expecting my first child in 28 short days! And I am really looking forward to trying out my gdiapers when the baby gets here.

  20. If all companies worked like this, I’d have no problem jumping back into the workforce. Until then, my job IS my family!

  21. With being due with our third child in two weeks, it would be so amazing to win :-) I love both products and admire both companies. I do work for a family buissness that goes back to my grandparents, I love the flexibility and understanding in it all. Most of all I love how it can become a part of who you are.

  22. Would love to win this! I’m working hard on building up my stash of cloth diapers and other baby items prior to the little guy getting here. Only about 8 weeks left!

  23. I live in Norway, where both parents combined get almost a year of paid parental leave! So while that would be nice, I’m mostly thankful that I have good access to medical care and don’t live somewhere I will have to haul water for my family the day after giving birth! Here’s hoping that good baby gear will help with a happy family and good work-life balance!

  24. I’m staying at home with my two littles and thanks to my hard working hubby I don’t plan on going back for some time. I did work when my oldest was 8-18 months old and it was so difficult juggling 10 hour days, commuting and family life. I feel so lucky to be able to stay home now :)

  25. I’d love to work for a more family flexible company. In Tennessee we don’t get any paid maternity leave! So jealous! But luckily my boss is amazing and lets me be a bit more flexible. Wish I could bring my gbaby to work though, how awesome!

  26. I would love to work in a place where my family can come and go as they need to, with in house daycare, and picnic tables outside for lunchtime :). And I love sauerkraut!

  27. my ideal work place would be a home studio. And with fingers crossed I will have a small version of my dream before my baby comes in August. I run a part time bellydance studio and have always wanted to have a studio in my basement to teach out of (no additional rent needed to be paid each month to another studio space like I do now) we’re hoping to transform our small basement into just that in the up coming months. Fingers crossed that it will all work out

  28. I think GDiapers is such an amazing company. I love your strong family values. I wish more companies were like you!

  29. My work is pretty flexible when it comes to family, I do wish, however, that I would have been able to bring my daughter to work with me until she got too mobile. She loves being worn, and when I have her in any sort of carrier (Moby, ergo, mei tai, etc.) she is as content and quiet as a clam. :) That being said, my SO and I are trying to figure out how I can stay at home without going into foreclosure. We hate leaving our daughter with anyone, even family!

  30. I would love to work for a company so willing to be mommy friendly! Unfortunately the advertising world is not so kind.

  31. I would love to work for a family run company that is flexible around my family, a job where i could take my son would be my dream job but I doubt that will ever happen. At the moment staying at home with my son and nappies are my passion. Would love a job to combine the two.

  32. I am a stay at home mom that makes handmade soap and some other household products so pretty much this is my dream job, not a fan of sauerkraut.

  33. i have been a g diapers user for years and am on my second kid with them I love the cloth inserts, the fun styles, the wipes and the fact that i find them easier to use than most of the other cloth options out there. I have just started using moby wrap with my daughter. QWe love it. Especially my husband. He works for Imperial PFS, and i must say that it is the most family friendly job that he has ever had. I had many complications during my pregnancy and they were very understanding and allowed my husband to go to Every appointment as well as have his week of paternity leave. (he could have taken 2 weeks, but thanks to me doing encapsulation, i was fine and he was able to go back to work (he loves it so much he feels guilty when he isnt there) 😉

  34. I work for a Police Dept and was able to bring my LO to work until she was 7 months!!! I like sauerkraut only when I am in Leavenworth, WA

  35. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE GDIAPERS! I have wanted to get a moby wrap for months now but it just hasn’t worked out :( if I could work anywhere It would be a place like this where I could bring my little one to work with me so I would never EVER have to worry about who is going to be watching her that day and if anything were to happen I could be there at the drop of a hat! Keep doing what your doing gdiapers and moby! <3

  36. Oh! I love moby wraps! I had one and sold it after I thought I was all done with having babes. But now I’m pregnant with twins! I need a new one for while I’m home doing bookkeeping at home and taking my other LOs to school every day!

  37. I was just saying to a friend the other day how awesome it would be if we could take our babies to work. I’m a teacher and I really miss my job (I’m 5 months into my maternity leave). Wouldn’t it be great if I could walk into my classroom with baby in tow every day. The kids and other teachers would all say hi and give lots of love to my little girl, and then we could get on with the learning. And imagine how much my students and my baby could learn from each other!

    Oh, in a perfect world…

  38. My employer is extremely understanding, but unfortunately my fellow employees are not. I work at a veterinary clinic, so it’s not an appropriate place for a baby, but it would be nice if my peers were more supportive of pumping/breast feeding.

  39. I absolutely love Gdiapers, Moby wraps and what your company does, I wish there were more companies out there with such strong family values. I stay at home with my daughter and unfortunately there are not many companies around where I live that are such family friendly or that are available to work at home from. Keep up the good work guys!

  40. The company I work for allowed me to amend my role to part time from home after I had my first child (first time they had tried something like this) and it worked out really well for everyone. I am hoping to work out a similar arrangement after I go back this time around. The economics make sense for everyone it would be amazing if more companies would give it a try!

  41. Oh I need both of these!!
    My dream work environment is one that is respectful and supportive of ones life choices and family values and all lifes priorities outside of work life!

  42. The more I learn about gDiapers and companies like Moby Wraps the more I wanna work for palace like them. I am lucky that I don’t have to work right now but I know they day will come when I have to and I hope it will be a place like gDiapers and Moby Wrap.

  43. gDiapers + Moby = Awesome!!!
    I would love to have worked for a family friendly company when my girls were itty bitties!! But I love the job I have and wouldn’t change it for anything! Thankfully my girls hand wonderful grandparents that watch them while my husband and I work :)

  44. I think it is awesome that there are companies out there that support moms like this. I know so many people who lost their jobs whenever they got pregnant/gave birth. It’d be great if more companies followed this model..

  45. I help my husband run his landscaping company. Although I do get to be at home with my cute little ones it can be a real challenge getting my work done with both of them needing me! My first little one is 3 and I have a new little 4 week old. So fun! So exhausting. :)

  46. I’m lucky that I have a great hard working huz who lets me be a stay at home mom…although i work part time for a company from home which is great to bring in a little extra money…
    Stay at home mom is a very family friendly job (: and I’m not a fan of sauerkraut…yet my tastebuds are changing alot these days!

  47. The Moby wrap and gDiapers are truly my most invaluable and favored baby products. I just had my first in February, and I was pretty nervous about becoming a parent, but thanks to much help from my husband, my mother, and your products the transition into motherhood has been wonderful! Now if only I could also work for a company like yours and get to keep my precious little bundle with me all day, that would be the life!

  48. Both sound like great places to work. I can’t bring my kids to work (I work in a University lab, so not really baby/child friendly), but I feel like my work is family friendly. For the most part I set my own hours, so I can spend the time I need to with my kids and still get work done.

  49. Wow! How wonderful and what a blessing! I love staying home withmy son but if all places were like I would consider going back to work!

  50. I would love a workplace where I could bring my kids! There is nothing like that where I am now, and we need something like that to help get our region out of this economic depression.
    When I get to open my own shop, I plan on making it a family friendly work environment with the ability to bring babies in, etc.

  51. My 4week old daughter and I love the moby wrap! When I put her in it she falls straight to sleep. :)
    I would love to work from home, I hate to think that I might have to put her in daycare.

  52. I would love to work for a family flexible company. The company I work for now is very good about allowing me time off, maternity leave, and other options. I have always thought the whole bringing baby to work was an awesome idea. :)

  53. I’m currently 38 weeks pregnant with my first. I was scared to tell my boss that I could not put my child in daycare and therefore might have to resign. However when I told her I was pregnant she insisted I bring the baby to work with me after maternity leave, even before I could mention daycare. I realize how blessed I am that I get this oportunity and look forward to spending my work days with my little guy!

  54. We’ve been Moby and Gdiaper lovers from the start! I wish could work for such a family friendly company as I dread leaving my little one every morning!

  55. Unfortunately I have yet to come across an employer that offers onsite childcare. I am in the medical field and have worked in various settings. When I was working onsite childcare would not really be feasible with some employers I have had, such as when I was a traveling nurse providing care to patients in their home. I would on occasion bring my children with me if I had auntie to stay with them in the car while I made my rounds. However, I was able to schedule my own hours which worked out fairly well. Lucky for me though, I have a fantastic husband who supports our decision that I stay home with our littles for now. And being home with my kids is the BEST JOB EVER!!

  56. I work from home for myself so yes it is a very flexible family friendly company. :) I used to teach elementary school and it was not ideal with an infant at home. Pumping in a closet while an assistant watched 18 six year olds was not ideal.
    I am much more likely to shop with companies that I know are family friendly, especially to nursing mothers. :)

  57. I love when companies are child friendly! It is so hard to find work where they understand the importance of our children. =) Great job gDiapers and Moby! BTW, I love then products from both of your companies!

  58. I would seriously consider going back to work if it was at all like the family friendly offices of gDiapers and Moby! I love it! In fact, knowing the stories behind how both companies work make me love their products that much more.

  59. I have ten month old twins. I am a moby wrap lover!! We have one g diaper for each twin as we are slowly switching over to cloth! My husband is in Ca while we wait for him
    To join the military! I would love to win!

  60. I am a stay at home mom so I do LOVE my job but it would be nice if there was a maid to clean up after kids and do the chores

  61. i have twin girls! we are in need of cloth diapers! my husband is joining the military and we are missing daddy so much!!!

  62. I worked for a small company where it was just the boss and myself in the office. I often had my firstborn in the office with me. I was able to work from home during my second and third high risk pregnancy. I even remember bringing in my 2 toddlers. I just had my third daughter and will be working from home from now on.

  63. While we can’t bring our kids to work (I wish), I do have a very understanding boss and a quiet room waiting for me to pump in when I get back in two months from family leave.

    It’s not ideal, but it’s better than a lot of my friends (who live in other states or work at other jobs) have. My husband is also off with pay for an entire month, courtesy his job, and that has been awesome and supportive.

  64. I work at a Surgical center where I can pick my days that I want to work, or not work. Having that flexibility if nice with a family.

  65. I live in Cleveland, OH so there aren’t any companies that offer this type of work environment in the area that I’m aware of. I’ve only worked in male dominated industries (banking and real estate investments) and I don’t see this ever happening in either one. The rust belt is not exactly known for being forward thinkers.

  66. my dream work place is my home. :) my husband and i decided 6 years ago that i would fully stay at home with all of our children until they are in school full time. a very stressed out budget led to me opening my own little wahm business Curleighs and Ribbies. I get to work at home…at my sewing machine, coffee table, and kitchen table while working around my busy little kiddos needs. I can stop when they need me or not even work until they are asleep. I can put off what needs to be done when they need playtime, snuggles or just mommy time. :) They are my priority and im glad i can keep it that way! :) Its so awesome to see big companies that keep their kiddos first too!

  67. Thankfully, I no longer work outside the home; we are very fortunate in that respect. However, with a one year old, and being pregnant…I’d say I already have a full time job!

  68. This is so motivating to me. I tried baby wearing with my first one. I think perhaps I chose the wrong sling for us. I’m definitely giving moby a shot with my next G Baby!

  69. I love both of these companies not only b/c of your products but b/c you also see how important it is for parents to be with their babies and work at the same time. I’ve always been a believer in work/life balance, but even more so now that I have a baby boy. But having him close to me whether it be in a daycare in our business park or snuggled up in a Moby wrap would make all the difference. I wish more companies could see that it is possible to have both.

  70. I love sauerkraut and my dream job would be one that if very family flexible. I have a teaching degree so that’s pretty close!

  71. I’m no longer working. We decided I would stay home and take care of the family. However, my dream job would be work-from-home and meeting at the office once a week to discuss progress and other details.

  72. My dream job would be a baker! I really want to go to culinary school when my LO gets a little older if I can get the money for it!

  73. Great post! Have have taken my little one to work on Fridays in the Moby. Everyone loves when I surprise them “wearing” her and amazed that I’m still able to accomplish my usual work functions, most times faster than usual.

  74. My dream job is actually working as a midwife. I am not sure I will ever go back and get that degree though. Would be really hard with two kiddos

  75. I would love to work for a company like gDiapers! I would love to be able to bring my daughter to work with me (and any siblings she’ll have in the future). She’s 18 months old.

  76. I was lucky enough to stay at home with my son until he was 2 while my husband was overseas and then last July I became a stay at home mom again and he is now 5 and our little girl is due in July. I again am lucky enough to stay home with her and him!

  77. i have a 13 week old son and watch one little girl at our home 2 to 3 days a week. I love staying home and raising our son. He is starting to do some much from holding toys to cooing and singing. He gives the best smiles that melt my heart everyday. :)

  78. I wish we had reasonable daycare where I work. At the moment it’s only potty trained on up and then just half days. :-( And I work at a Franciscan institution who’s medical coverage does not include contraceptive nor short term disability. I have to take unpaid leave which we cannot afford so its been just the six week minimum and I’m back. They have at least provided breaks for pumping but I use more than my 1 hr lunch so I end up working longer days to make up for it. Not the best environment for a family with young kids.

  79. I’m a stay at home mom & that is totally my dream job <3 I LOVE diapering my babies bum in gdiapers <3

  80. I would love to work at a company like these but that is why I am staying home to take care of my family right now.

  81. I wish there was a little more flexibilty to work from home when my kids are sick or out of school. It’s usually okay for me to bring my older kids with me if school is out but being hooked up to work from home would be even better with my 6 month old!

  82. I would love to work somewhere that let me do something creative, and bring my kids! I stay home now, but if I could bring them with me I would definitely consider going back to work.

  83. I wish more schools were like this. I am a start your own school type of girl and it is hopefully in my future. I will be using this business model for sure! I love my fluff and Moby! I can’t even begin to thank both companies!

  84. I love to work from home. I’m a seamstress and music lesson teacher. When I have kids, I’m so thankful my office is at my home so I can be with them all the time.

  85. I’m halfway through college working on my nursing degree, then I hope to be a CNM after that! So perfect workplace would be calm and low stress :) with cute little babies 😉 (Due in 2 days with our first, and totally am looking into getting a Moby wrap, and still aren’t totally sure which cloth diapers we are going to like yet!)

  86. Wow I would love to win I am a stay at home mom of 3. Ages 4 and under. Baby number 4 due in August oldest wont be 5 until October.

  87. I’m due in 5 weeks and stressing out, but looking forward to using this opportunity to leave as little of an impact on the environment as I can.
    My company doesn’t even offer paid maternity leave, but are willing to let me work part time from home while I’m out so that’s an incredible blessing. I wish we had a daycare or that my office was closer than 35 minutes from my home (it would certainly make nursing easier), but maybe one day I can find something closer (or my office will move back to 2 miles from my house!).

  88. I would love to work where I could bring my baby with me!!! Expecting our first in August and I’m already dreading the day I will have to come back to work and leave her!

  89. I love my moby and use it all weekend long and even some days during the week. I use prefold but would love to try a g diaper !!!!!

  90. I’m am thankful to be a SAHM, working would have been to hard on all of us. The 10 hour days during busy season would have killed us. It would be so helpful to a lot of families to have onsite reasonably priced daycare.

  91. I don’t think I’ve ever tried sauerkraut, so I can’t say if I like it, but I think I can safely say that I would love some Moby and gDiapers products!

  92. I am a foster mom and will soon be a stay-at-home mom who LOVES your companies’ products. We will be caring for infants in the foster system who despertely need attachment and bonding, most of whom are also substance-exposed newborns. Being able to hold them throughout the day using a Moby wrap, and seeing their cute little environmentally-friendly baby bottoms in g’s, really helps our lives run smoother. Thank you for all you do!

  93. I enjoy my job as a home health nurse. Able to work around my kid’s schedule and I can be more involved with them.

  94. I am lucky that I get to stay home with my little one. In the future it would be nice to be able to work from home.

  95. Oh man, it would be nice to have paid maternity leave that was separate from my general PTO. Right now, any time I take off to have a baby means that when I come back, I’ve got zero hours of leave for the rest of the year for appointments or if I or my baby get sick. It’s terrible. Being flexible as far as hours would be nice as well … currently ANY time we aren’t at work during regular office hours has to be taken as PTO and there’s no flexibility to work earlier/later to make up for time out of the office during the day. I just had a baby (I’m on my second day back from maternity leave!) and all of these things are very fresh in my mind. I took 9 weeks, but had hoped to take 12. It’s very tough to leave my little one without flexibility and understanding. An on-site daycare would be a dream, or just being able to bring him to work if I needed to would have made me excited to come back to work rather than depressed and dragging my feet.

  96. I’m a stay at home mom. When I left my office job to be with my kids I didnt know what to expect. I was pleasantly surprised how much I LOVE being home. I wouldnt change a thing.

  97. I was let go from my job of 5 years because my daughter was in the hospital and I refused to leave her to come to work (I was a single parent at the time). This company claimed to be family friendly, flexible and supportive, but let me go when my manager refused to cover one of my shifts… I got the other 6 covered. They also refused to let me use the two weeks of PTO that I had!
    I would give anything to work for a company as flexible and family friendly as this! Especially two companies/brands that we use and love dearly! I now stay home and run a family child care program, but feel like I am not working up to my potential.
    Kudos to both for being so amazing <3

  98. Lucky for us, I am able to stay at home with our youngest, which means Daddy works… a lot. GDiapers sounds like a dreamworld company to work for or maybe even just visit. I remember trying to go back to work in the beginning and trying to make sure I had time to pump, put a lot of stress on me. I was happy that it gave a chance for my husband and daughter to have their own days but I worried the whole time being away. It also meant that we had less time for each other being on opposite schedules. I remember times in the early days where she would only sleep on top of me or in a wrap/carrier, those were some of the hardest times, but made a little easier knowing I could go for a long walk. Thank goodness for the new moms and new ideas to help make it just a little easier, in one of the hardest jobs out there.

  99. I would love to work for a company that would allow that – but unfortunately am a Receptionist and they don’t allow that here!! At least I get a full year maternity leave… and my goal is to continue being a birth doula once baby #1 arrives in September!! That way, I will still be able to have baby around often!

  100. I have 2 baby carriers that my daughter just seems to hate! Neither of which are Moby wraps though, and I’ve heard nothing but great things about them! We would love one! I want my baby wearing experience to be enjoyable. :)

  101. I would love to work for a family flexible company. Working for a place that understands the bound of a mother and her children is awesome!

  102. I wish my employer gave me paid time off! But then again, that’s a lot to ask since I’m a stay-at-home mom! Seriously I love my “job” and my kids!!!

  103. I left my job when I had my son because I wanted to put my son and his health first and my company didn’t see eye to eye with that. Now I am just a thesis away from getting my master’s that I’ve been working on since being home and a little girl due any day now! Would love a moby wrap and gdiapers to help me finish and find a stay at home job that would work for our family!

  104. I am staying at home with my 1 year old and loving it! (Well, most of the time) We are also considering picking up homeschooling our soon to be 8 year old this summer and beyond. Plus we have baby #3 on the way for fall. I think that makes about 15.3 full time jobs I have, right? Haha!

  105. Love using the gdiapers and would like to get a moby wrap to use with baby 2.

    At the gym where I exercise, childcare is starting up. So a couple other moms and myself take turns in the chidcare, and the owner does not charge us for the gym services in exchange. It is working out great for us. Its so helpful to have a business interested in looking out for us moms!

  106. I work in a science laboratory with somewhat dangerous experiments, but I do plenty of work in my office on a computer as well. If I could have my little one with me while in my office and/or on-site daycare, that would be just so amazing!! Unfortunately, academia tends to be pretty anti-family, so I will probably have to start my own company for that…

  107. As I am pregnant with our third, my husband and I are looking forward to not only breaking out the gDiapers, bit the moby as well. Thanks for having such great products!! And yes, everyones in my family loves sauerkraut. 😛

  108. gDiapers and Moby are awesome companies and awesome products! My first wore g’s until he couldn’t fit anymore and we used our moby everywhere. Sadly it went missing on vacation. Now with my second I look forward to using these with him too.

  109. I’m expecting my first baby and so I’m not sure what work-life balance will feel like. I love my job, but I know it will be hard to leave my baby behind all day, even when he/she’s with my husband, my favorite person in the world. I’m glad to know that people in my office will be supportive (and adoring) if I need to bring the baby in due to a childcare gap.

  110. I would love to have a family friendly enviroment to work in that I could do crafty things all day from knitting to cross stitch that would be a real dream

  111. I love to sew, and I am constantly filing away ideas for when I make the jump into being a WAHM. To me, it would be the ultimate job. Doing what I love, whole caring for my babies and still providing for my family.

  112. I work for a great company that allows me to pump 3 times a day! However I do wish I could have brought the little guy to work on slow days.

  113. I am living in my dream workplace, farming!!! The world’s most family friendly career ever! We just adopted a baby girl and we are enjoying our gdiapers! <3

  114. I’d LOVE to be able to stay home with my daughter, but we can’t afford it. My job is in a hospital, and I work evenings, so when I return to work, I won’t see my girl at bedtime :(
    This prize pack is FABULOUS! I think I’d give the gift certificate to a friend of mine, because she’s really interested in g-diapers, and maybe even give her the wrap (I already have one), but I REALLY want to try the GO carrier!

  115. Amazing! I love hearing about how people find a way to live what they truly love. While my employer isn’t as family friendly, it does respect my family time outside of normal working hours and I appreciate that.

  116. i think i am in my dream work place, i stay at home with my daughter. now to figure out how to make $$ while she naps :)

  117. a business that was family friendly, I am thinking were you can pump or bf your child, has a daycare within the facility for parents. of course a workplace that offers paid maternity leave and provides staff with health/dental insurance.

  118. If more companies valued family this much, I would definitely be working out of the house again. As it is, my boss is a very adorable 10 month old!

  119. I have been blessed to be able to stay home with both babies through the first year and I wish everyone had the same opportunity. 6 weeks maternity leave is a joke.

  120. I work as a collaborative pianist in several local universities and also do free-lance work from my home, but I’d really love to be a stay at home mom once our child arrives!

  121. I do not work at a place like that right now and I do have to say that this is possibly one of the hardest things about parenthood so far. Leaving her is so difficult. I actually love what I do and chose my career based on what I really wanted to do with my life. But I have noticed that I have lost motivation with work for this very reason. As a nursing mom, new mom, and just a mom, leaving her home, with a sitter or even family is just hard.

  122. My two favorite baby industry companies, Moby and gDiapers! Thanks for being family focused companies and for your amazing products!

  123. I only like sauerkraut if it’s on a Reuben.

    I have the best job in the world staying home with my kids. If only I could get paid for it!

  124. My dream workplace would be working in an environment that is flexible with time with family events and problems. A place that would have a daycare in-house would be awesome. Right now I work at a place that offers 5 days of sick time for a 12 month period. That is not flexible with any child, because kids can get sick easily and finding other options can be hard.

  125. Love my Moby wrap and love g diapers. They are what got me interested in cloth diapering. I wish i had known about them for my son because they are great!

    Right now I’m a stay at home mommy but would love to work in such a family environment. :)

  126. Having a preschooler with special needs I would live to work for an employer who understands that meltdowns happen and it may make me late for work. Or I may need to go to an IEP meeting so Is have to take off work. Also with my newborn I have lost my milk supply due to not enough pumping time. It would be so much easier if I could just walk downstairs to the daycare and actually breastfeed.

  127. I love gdiapers! Love the idea of a moby wrap but never bought one. My work is a great place that allows us nursing mothers to nurse/pump when needed!

  128. I’m a stay at home mommy who crochets for money… :) So I think I work at my idea place, HOME! My little cuties are all around me! And, yes….I love sauerkraut! 😉

  129. It’s time for more companies to embrace family values, rather than shame them. I knew I wanted to breast feed from the start, but knew that if I returned to work right away I’d be unable to achieve that goal. If my workplace was child friendly, it wouldn’t have been an issue. I’m tired of hearing the same argument over and over again that “its a choice to have children and why should we all be affected by your choice?”. We as a society need to accept that while yes, parenthood is a choice it’s the way our species continues on. Why not applaud everyone for their choice whether or not to have kids and in the meantime make it so that parents can still engage with their children while at work?

  130. I love how these companies are so accommodating to families. Imagine how different the world would be if more companies were able to be this way!

  131. I work in a school, so it’s semi-family friendly, but it’s not like I can take my baby to high school with me! I would love to be able to stay home full time after she’s born, but it’s nice to be able to eat & make the house payment!

  132. With two babies under two, Gdipes and Moby have helped us get things done faster and with less gnashing of teeth at home. :)

  133. I just quit my job to become a stay at home mom. I wish I had a job I could take my children to. It would be the best of both worlds.

  134. I wish I worked for a place like gDiapers with onsite daycare and flextime. I’m currently 16 weeks pregnant with my first child and am facing the very difficult decision of what to do about work. I’d like to stay home but I’m not sure we can afford it, yet I’m reluctant to hand my new baby off to a stranger for eight hours a day and miss so much of his development.

  135. I am a teacher, which is not really that family friendly except for the wonderful vacations! But I love my job which makes me a better mom!

  136. I would love to work for a family flexible company. I am SAHM of 2, soon to be 3 and often feel like I’m not doing enough, but it’s important to my husband and I that the kidos are taken care of by one of us.

  137. I would love to work for a company/organization that accepts and functions like the Ellen DeGeneres show. An accepting environment that encourages support for all families

  138. My dream job is to be a sign language translator, farmer, and WAHM for CD. I love spending time with my girl and I retire this year from the Army to do all of those things!

  139. i have to give props to the place i worked before i became a stay-at-home. i don’t think it would qualify as a “family-friendly” employer, strictly speaking. i had a unique three-quarter time temporary position that wasn’t benefited. my boss and the HR person constantly fought for exceptions to that in order to add fantastic benefits (like tuition remission, vacation and sick days) to my position. when i announced my pregnancy, i learned that i would not have access to maternity benefits (other than using all of my accrued sick/vacation leave) because of the temporary status of the job, although i would have 4 months of (unpaid) FMLA leave. at the same time, HR informed me that, although my employer was not large enough to be legally required to do so, they were creating a lactation room for the three staff members who were now pregnant.

    my pregnancy was high risk and my boss and co-workers were very accommodating. when my office was moved to a temporary space and i expressed concerns about the space’s safety, my boss developed a sudden need for a temporary office on another campus and i was transferred there to staff it. my staff functioned as couriers to carry things from campus to campus so i could work.

    when i got my first paycheck after the baby was born, i saw my pay was marked as “parental leave.” i dutifully called HR who stammered a bit and said, “i was going to call you. um, surprise!” it turns out she and my boss had been fighting to have my position turned into a permanent one. the change was approved when i went out a leave and as soon is it had been, the HR person demanded i receive retroactive maternity leave!

    when i came back to work four months after my daughter was born, my boss and coworkers continued to be accommodating when my baby was sick or my husband’s job required me to stay home with the baby at a time i would usually be working. one of the most difficult things i have had to do was leaving the job eight months after returning because a change in my husband’s employment necessitated my becoming a SAHM.

  140. There would be daycare in the building with great workers! Anything else is just a bonus:) Right now I travel for my job so I don’t have an office anyway…

  141. I think it’s great that gDiapers is setting a family friendly work example. Especially the paid maternity leave. I know I should appreciate FMLA leave/rights, but it’s a joke to think that sets families up with all the support they need. Further, it’s shameful that the US is so far behind other nations when it comes to paid maternal/paternal leave. Keep up the good work gDiapers!

  142. my ideal workplace is actually out of the home, OR in a downtown office with large windows – but child friendly! I work from home with both Scentsy & photography, but it’s not easy being at home. A big brick building with big windows to let in natural light would be the best!!

  143. I do not like sauerkraut! Haha. I am at home with my kids for now :) I love it! Even if they drive me nuts some days I wouldn’t change it.

  144. I wish they would offer paid maternity leave at my job, on the plus side I was able to take four months off and my boss is letting me work half a day during three months.

  145. My husband and I make it so I don’t have to work. It’s very hard, but I enjoy being able to spend all my time with my daughter. To have the atmosphere your employees speak of sounds incredible. Instead of fretting about having to choose work or family, it would be amazing to have both wrapped in a pretty bow.

  146. I had great experiences with my current and former employers with my boys as newborns. They both allowed me to work from home, or bring my son with me to work for the first few months. I made the choice to seek childcare at a certain point when it became difficult to get work done or potentially disruptive to my co-workers as they got older, more mobile and louder. I did have to use what little leave I saved up to have a couple weeks off with my first and a month off with my second. I also worked part-time with LWOP for another several weeks. I continue to work from home on a smaller scale when needed to make my 40 hours, or accommodate for sick kids and school holidays. I can’t say it’s the same for everyone at my work, but we have different duties and different supervisors.
    A more consistent, maybe even national standard for better parental leave and support would be nice though.

  147. Boning able to have flexible family work environment would help me actually go back to work sooner than I would be inclined to. I currently stay at home because I want to raise my children, not someone else. I brought them into this word, I don’t want to spend 40 plus hours away from them a week! I would love the oppurmity to be able to go to work! Maybe one day I will have the oppurtunity to enjoy flexi family hours or take my children to work with me :)

  148. I left my job at a non-profit when we started a family. There aren’t any family oriented companies around here. I wish I could find a place that would let me keep my son with me while at work. That would be a dream.

  149. I plan to have a large garden this year so I need a good safe way to carry my daughter around while I plant and then weed and harvest. I have tried a couple other slings and non of them seem to fit just right. I would love a Mobi! My little girl is only 7 weeks old and weighs almost 12 lbs!!!

  150. What an inspiration!!! I am a stay at home mom because I do not know of a company like that. I hope this becomes the new norm!

  151. I’m a stay at home mom…no greater workplace! I loved my wrap with my son and would love one for baby #2…and since we plan to cloth diaper, the gdiapers prize would be awesome too:)

  152. I am an elementary school teacher and strangely enough, schools are not very family friendly environments for their employees. I would love to have a place to pump or on-site daycare to send my child to. Even if we just had less to do outside the work day, it would make things easier. I hope some schools take a lesson from gDiapers and Moby Wrap because most of the teachers on staff, escpecially in an elementary school, are moms!

  153. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the philosophy of these companies :) I’d love to be a part of a company like these! Love my g’s and I would like a Moby someday!

  154. I have a boba wrap…would be interesting to see if I liked the moby…maybe I can strap my baby to me and my boss and coworkers wont notice since she is so small….wouldn’t that be the life!

  155. I couldn’t imagine a more wonderful workplace environment. What a great way to transition with a newborn and find work-life balance. Wish it was more the norm!

  156. Wow-so awesome that there are companies out there who are so family friendly! Thank you gDiapers and Moby for all that you do :) I live in Canada, so I had a 1 year paid maternity leave with my son, but now that it’s time to head back to work I am wishing that I could bring him with me!

  157. I’d LOVE to work for a family friendly company…and I used to. When I first started my current position, they didn’t mind at all when I had to run to the daycare that is right next door to nurse my baby. Now that I’m pregnant with #3 and we have a new director…they’re acting like nursing the new baby is going to be an issue. I love sauerkraut (when not pregnant) and I LOVE gDiapers and Moby Wraps!

  158. it would be so great to be able to baby wear at least one of my twins at a time especially at the store, this would help me get a jump into being able to do that! And I’ve been loving the idea of G diapers for years now I’d love to be able to actually get some and put them to use

  159. I would love to be able to bring baby to work unfortunately I work in the healthcare industry so it’s not very conducive. However my job is allowing me to take 3 months leave and job share which is so helpful!

  160. We have a newborn on the way and have both gDiapers and Moby products on our registry! So excited to use these great products.

  161. My baby is due in just over two weeks and we have already started a small collection of gDiapers and we have our Moby Wrap! I am so excited about these two products!!!

  162. My dream job would be becoming a stay-at-home mom. Due to the economy and learning to not accrue debt has not made this to be a reality for my family of 4. I am blessed though to be a full-time church secretary that has been incredibly flexible when it comes to my family. We weren’t able to afford/find childcare for my daughter when she was born, and they allowed me to bring her until we were able to find an affordable option for our family. Gdiapers have made our world do much simpler by helping us have a substantially affordable way for diapering our daughter, and we are thankful for the environmentally bonus of the biodegradable pads when we need them. We only wish we would have know more about cloth diapering 5 years ago with our son.

  163. I am an independent contractor (a deposition reporter) who will be having my first baby in June. I’ll be planning on baby-wearing while working on transcripts. :) Looks like both of these companies are great places to be employees and parents!

  164. I’m a secretary for a church. It’s an incredibly family-friendly environment. My daughter attends our school, so I can work around her schedule!

  165. I am a chiropractor who specializes in women’s health and pre/postnatal care. I work at a birth center which is awesome because their entire philosophy is supporting women and families. I can take the baby to work, schedule patients around my schedule, I love it! :)

  166. Love my new Moby wrap and gdiapers. I have been using g’s for three years and just had a my second son and a friend suggested a MOBY wrap and I am in love with it and have only had it for two days. I am a teacher so my job is not that flexible except I get to spend the whole summer with my children!!! I hate sauerkraut.

  167. Wow! Amazing post. I too am fortunate enough to be able to bring my baby yo work. And I bring her with a bag full of gdiapers and wrapped in a moby!

  168. I work from home an a real part time basis (when I can fit it in) and also homeschool our children. My dream would be to have an office desk space that actually works instead of just being a catch all.

  169. Moby wrap is my favorite way to carry my little ones. Gdiapers are my all time favorite diaper(cloth AND flushie) so pairing a wrap with a diaper is the perfect giveaway. Yes, please!

  170. I would love to find a place like this in Jville, NC! I’m waiting till my LO is in school, so I can teach and not be far from her!

  171. I work for a company that has on-site daycare that is breastfeeding friendly and my boss and co-workers are all moms who understand what it’s like to be a full-time working mom with an infant. I am really lucky to have this job and be surrounded by such a supportive team.

  172. Used gs for about 5 years between my boys and tell everyone i know about them. Neither one of them tolerated being in a sling. I was trained in the medical field, and, as much as I would love it to be, it’s not a good place to bring my kids. So, after my training, I decided to stay home with my kids. We believe in the importance of being with our children especially in their formative years. My husband’s military career has an unpredictable schedule with overnight work hours and frequent deployments, which also complicates working for me. I never anticipated having strangers raise my kids, so I’m thankful that I’m able to stay home with them for now. However, with the economy deteriorating the way it has been, and military benefits being taken away, I fear that I will have to work and it would be amazing to have my kids at the very least in the same building, if not office with me. I wish more workplaces offered in-office child care or the ability to keep your kids with you while you work. I’m German, but not font of kraut.

  173. I take care of my mother and son at home so I guess you could say that my work environment is family friendly.

  174. What a great combo-giveaway! 2 awesome products. I have used the Moby wrap before but never got one. I used gDiapers for my daughter for a year and half and plan to use them again with my son who is due next month.

  175. I had no idea that some companies even did things like this. It’s one more reason that I love gDiapers and the Moby Wrap! I love that you don’t make moms and dads choose between their baby or work. We need more of this approach in the workplace!

  176. I’m lucky to be able to bring my daughter to work since 2 months. I’m a veterinary technician and love my job. Being able to bring her to work is wonderful.

  177. I think we should have more companies like g and Moby with family flexibility or in-house daycare for families with small children. I currently stay home with my kiddos, but would love to work for a company I could bring them with me. I think that kind of interaction for all people would be beneficial!

  178. Our youngest son is now 7 months old and we just recently started using gdiapers. We love them and so does our little man! With disposable diapers he was always pulling at them and just seemed uncomfortable since we started using these that has changed! He’s even trying to get the hang of crawling and trying to sit up by himself now when he had no desire to do so before!

  179. About to give birth to my 2nd gBaby in 2 weeks, all our gPants are still in great shape and ready for anoth round with our new son our daughter. Cant wait to have 2 in Gs

  180. Wish my workplace allowed that. I will become a stay at home mom any day now when my little one arrives since they don’t offer any flexibility for me.

  181. I JUST foubnd out I’m pregnant with my third child yesterday and I am so excited to cloth diaper this newest edition. I wore both my other kids and will be doing so with this one too!

  182. I used my wrap so much with my first that I’ve nearly worn it out! Winning both a new wrap and gdiaper products would be incredible! :)

  183. I am currently self-employed – my company, Tutoring Aid, just launched officially a couple months ago. I know that when I finally have a baby, I will be able to bring them to work with me and not miss out on a thing – that’s one of the perks for me, for sure!

  184. I’m a massage therapist and the company I work for is a mommy-friendly as they can be… management is very understanding about the needs of new mothers. We can’t bring out little ones with us, since we’re always in and out with clients and because of health privacy laws… but our flexible scheduling allows us to pump as needed and arrange our days to work with child care.

    Love both Moby and Gdiapers so looking forward to using them when our baby is born!

  185. Just back to work this week after maternity leave! I work in a hospital and am thankful that we have a daycare on-site for my little one. I can go there and nurse her during the day and my unit has a dedicated pumping room where I can use my own pump or one of the hospital pumps. Working in a breast-feeding friendly environment definitely makes it a little easier.

  186. Going to start a two step induction process tonight to meet my first little one! Can’t wait to put Gdiapers on him/her!

  187. We use G’s and own 2 mobies!!! And love them all!!! With baby number two on the way though, we’d love to get some more 😉 thanks for 2 fantastic products to make mommahood a little easier!

    1. Whoops, hit enter a little early there 😉 I am an RN and I love my job, however, it’s not always family friendly ofcourse… Thankfully working halftime allows me to be both a mom first but also an RN . And I’ve come to realize that each helps me be better at the other and adds to the balance in work and life that I desire. With number two on the way I look forward to another full year on mat-leave (oh Canada!!!) and being a full-time at-home mom-I wouldn’t have it any other way, but I’ll miss my work life, I’m sure. With my chosen profession there is no way around the current situation I find myself in-working and spending time with my girl-but never at the same time. It’s the reality we live-and one I can deal with, though sometimes I’d love to work for Moby it G 😉

  188. While I am not able to bring my 18 month old daughter to work with me, we have a very family friendly work mentality within the office. If I need to work from home (either planned or last minute) it is never a problem. My company also provides a back-up daycare service if my arranged child care falls through last minute. That back-up care facility is located down the street from my office so on the days when my daughter is there for the day I am able to go and visit her as much as I would like. What I would love to see happen in the future is a longer paid maternity leave. I don’t want to complain as I do get a higher salary percentage than some short term disability leaves, but it would be nice for the pay out to last for the entire federally mandated 12 weeks.

  189. Although I am currently on my year-long maternity leave (yay, Canada!), I am hoping to find a way that I can work flexible hours from home rather than heading back to the office 9-5. It is certainly difficult sometimes to strike a balance between home life and work life.

  190. Love my g’s! And my girl. Wish I could have a job where I could take her with me. I’m a nurse and refuse to take her anywhere close to the hospital! Total germaphobe here!

  191. On the fence about sauerkraut… but I love being a SAHM/WAHM I only work seasonally as I teach classes/do parties for chocolate!

  192. I am lucky enough to have fantastic bosses, who are really understanding. I am going to be returning to soon, and they understand that after having a year to stay home with my son, I am finding it hard to be away from him. They have adapted the schedule so I only work 3 days in the office, and have created a position that allows me to reach 38 hrs a week, while working from home. Truly amazing people, and I am so thankful that I work for them. They really are a family company :)

  193. I am so blessed to be a stay at home mom. If I ever did have to work outside of my home I hope that I would be able to work at a company that puts family first.

  194. I work at a school so unfortunately I can’t bring my 7 week old with me. It is family friendly in the aspect of it being a school, but our kids live on campus because they have been displaced from their families. Then again I had to come back to work at 6 weeks post c-section because I wouldn’t get anymore paid time off.

  195. I wish my worksite had a daycare. I work for a county government office and on site daycare is not even a thought.

  196. The perfect workplace? Hmm… how about the perfect work situation for me? 😉 I’d love to be able to work out of the house part-time (you know, for sanity’s sake), but I would mostly LOVE to stay home with my babies! & i LOVE sauerkraut! :)

  197. I’m in school right now, and plan to work in a chemistry lab when I graduate, but would love to have on-site daycare so I wouldn’t have to be away from my little girl for too long.

  198. I work for myself so I am very family friendly. My dream space is my own tiny little spa as I am a massage therapist. That caters to moms. And I hate sour kraut. :)

  199. I have a job I’m able to do from home (offered to me by a family member) but it doesn’t give me many hours. I do love that it’s not enough hours to stress me out and I’m able to do it on my own time, even if that’s at 1 am. My husband is a high school teacher, though, and so he definitely would not be able to bring little kids to work. One thing that is nice about working at a high school, though is it makes you feel more a part of your community and communities are made up of families. Our family can join in at football games, etc. to feel more connected to his work outside of work! Also, unfortunately, it is very difficult for my husband to take a sick day or personal day at the drop of a hat because he has to first prepare a lesson and instructions for a substitute. That’s just the nature of his job! I’m so happy for people who are able to work and be with their children at the same time. That’s fantastic.

  200. I’m happy to be from Canada, where I get one year of paid maternity leave. That’s the BARE MIMUMIM I think should be the standard anywhere.

  201. I’m borrowing a Moby wrap that I love. We took my 5 week old baby thru the airport all wrapped up yesterday. We got lots of good stares! :)

  202. I loved reading this. I love being a stay at home mom, but it is wonderful to see companies allowing their employees to spend so much time with their children. If I had to get a job, I really hope it could be at a company like this.

  203. We love Gdiapers and never got to try the moby but have heard nothing but great things about it. Would love to win and pass them on to my brother who has his first on the way…:)

  204. I am blessed to ba able to stay at home with my 21 month old daughter and will continue to stay home once I have baby girl due in Sept. This is my dream workplace! If I needed to work outside the home I would prefer a family business that is flexible. I DO NOT like sauerkraut!!!!!!

  205. This is truly amazing and inspiring. I wish there were more workplaces that could and would be this family friendly! Unfortunately, a pet store is no place to carry around a newborn. Also, not enough mothers often work at a pet store to make it a feasible practice for the company to provide on-site childcare options. However, just reading this blog makes me want to change my career path just to be able to have this opportunity. Please bring your companies to Oregon so I can come work for you while I go to school!

  206. I love gdiapers from the very beginning! I love the philosophy of them and how they run their bussines… I gladly support them!! Im expecting my 5th and we definatly will be using gdiappers…would love to try a moby wrap too!!!

  207. I live in the expensive Napa Valley and always threaten to move to Portland … and to work at gDiapers when I get there! I wish we were in a position for me to be a full-time stay at home mom, but especially living in this area, that is not an option. For an employer to make my family a priority is of huge importance to me and would absolutely make a difference. We’re expecting our first and I am already dreading the end of maternity leave. Maybe I’ll sneak the baby into work in a Moby wrap! 😉

  208. I was able to take my son with me when I started working again after only 2 weeks after he was born. The joys of married poor college kids! My boss didn’t mind him coming in and hanging out, and she loved to get some snuggles.

  209. I just had my first baby and have been floored at how great my employer has been. Definitely earned a ton of loyalty from me!

  210. Gdiapers are definitely on my list to try! I’m also super interested in moby wraps as I’ve read such awesome reviews on them.

  211. My dream workplace would be at home. One day I’d love to open a day care so I could care for others children in a home environment and always be with my children. Im a nurse and i work 3, 12 hour shifts a week, so in that regard its not very family flexible. I, however, do not like sauerkraut.

  212. I adore gDiapers. They have been an amazing part of life with baby. Moby wraps seem equally awesome! I wish all work places were family centric!

  213. I’m fortunate enough to live in Canada where we can take up to a year of paid maternity and parental leave (17 weeks for the Mom, 35 weeks that can be used by either parent), and to have an employer that allows me choice of working hours (8 consecutive hours between 7am and 5pm), and specific family leave days. My husband works 28 days away, and then is off at home for 28 days. It would be wonderful to have on site daycare for the times when he’s away. (my daughter is only 2 months old, but I’m already planning how to manage going back to work in 10 months).

  214. I”m a nanny, and while I haven’t yet worked for a family who says yes to the nanny bringing their own kids to work, I’ve seen it in other families, and I’ve seen many new moms take in other children in their home so they can earn a living and not hvae to pay for daycare. That is my plan once my baby is born — to either care for other children of similar or a litlte older age in my own home (not licensed, so probably only 2 or 3 max), or find a nanny job where the family is fine with me bringing along my child to work. I know its possible because I’ve seen it done, and I think it’s great because it opens up the baby’s world in terms of people who love it and care for it and are its friends, etc.

  215. I would love to have a flex-time teaching job. It would be great to share a classroom with another teacher and have more time home with my boys.

  216. I work in academia, which is a mixed bag. We have only had a maternity policy for a few years, and there is still some resistance to applying it as written! On the other hand, my department is very baby-friendly. A number of us with babies/preschoolers are on campus only 3 or 4 days a week with no negative repercussions. (well, except that we end up working later at night after bedtime, but that’s the trade-off!)

  217. As a mom to a newborn I would love to have a worksite where I could spend so much time with my baby. What a blessing that gDiapers and Moby has given to their employees.

  218. I became a stay at home mom when my daughter was born because my job was not family friendly. I would love to work somewhere where my LO could come with. So great that companies are doing this and will be so happy when it’s the norm!!

  219. I wish my workplace was baby friendly! I am trying to figure out how I can avoid going back to work when my mat leave is up, but staying home is likely not financially possible (if anyone’s got tips, let me know!!)

  220. I have been a stay home mom for 3 years. I have two girls, 3 yrs and 5 months. My ideal job would be to work at a bakery or hotel kitchen and have on site child service that would allow me to nurse and see my child during breaks and lunch time. Or have my own business. I like the idea of family flexible businesses. Def would be helpful for mom’s that want to work, but still be involved in their kids day. Maybe I’ll adapt this concept if I have my own business one day. :)

  221. I love gdiapers already. I have been hoping to get moby products too. Every time I travel with my kids, I wish that I had a wrap like that to get through the airport a little easier. My dream job, basically would be a job that would allow me to make money to help support and care for my family without taking me away from my children. I love spending time with them, they are my life.

  222. I love being a stay@home mommy!!! I love using my gdiapers and getting new designs! I also love carrying baby around in our Moby!!!

  223. I was able to take two weeks off recently when our daughter was born. I’m grateful to have been able to take even that short amount of time off given that most people don’t even get that much. I certainly would have liked more time though :(

  224. I am a nanny and it is very family friendly. We respect each other when one of the kids or us is sick and allow for days off, flexible schedules, etc. Some days it feels more like family than work…but it is a 3 year old and a 5 month old so it definitely is hard work :) I love gdiapers and can’t wait to use them on my baby.

  225. I am thankful to be able to work at the day care that my children go to so I am with them all day. Almost like I am a stay at home mom but I get paid for it! I love gdiapers! I have two in them full time!

  226. I love the idea of being able to bring my baby to work with me (or telecommuting). Zutano has women with cribs in their offices! It’s wonderful to see companies supporting families in that way!

  227. I wish I had known what a wonderful and family friendly work environment was when I started having children, it may very well have changed my decisions to stay home. I absolutely am loving my kiddos and being available to them. I would ideally like to work part time at an office and part time at home. An equal balance of family and career so that I am still accessible to my children and still help my husband with the cost of living.
    We are expecting number three very soon, so excited to meet our new little one!

  228. I’m A SAHM so if I were to go back to work, I’d love to work from home or have it be flexible enough that I could easily be at home.


  229. My dream job would be to teach Mathematics at the Collegiate level. I was a middle school math teacher for 2 yrs before I became pregnant with my oldest daughter. I had just been accepted in a Masters of Science in Applied Mathematics program with hopes of beginning a career teaching in a community college. I put those plans on hold to be a sahm. I can’t complain, I love my current job as a mom. There’s nothing like flexible hrs spent watching my girls grow and change. I’ve never tried sauerkraut lol

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