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gDiapers follows the stories of a few different families, from life on a boat with baby to composting at 10,000′. More to come in this series.

An ocean later: 8 months of extraordinary encounters, challenges, and milestones in our floating world

April 15, 2015

Once upon a time a lovely and expecting couple sent us an email that went something like this: “Hello. We’re pregnant and we live on a boat. We’d like to travel the world and use gDiapers. Can you help?” We said yes and launched our gDiapers: On Location blog series, a space dedicated to real families using g’s in unique living situations across the country (and beyond!). Jess, James and their baby girl, Rocket, have been traveling the world and riding the waves of parenting, all while striving for a sustainable lifestyle aboard their sailboat home. We are so honored to be sailing with them through their adventures. Read on for where they’ve been, and what (and who) lies just up ahead on the horizon.

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On Location with Carrie and Cooper: Bountiful.

September 12, 2014

Before Back To School

Remember our friends in Leadville, CO? They’re Carrie and Cooper, two teachers/elevation-defying composters who recently welcomed another member to the family for a grand total of four, two of whom are happily adding to the compost pile, instead of the trash bin, by way of gDiapers (disposable inserts, wet ones only).

We wanted to catch up with this miles-high family as summer wraps up and Carrie and Cooper head back to school.

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On Location with Jess and James: Landed.

July 12, 2014

Land ho!

We have been living the nautical life vicariously through our intrepid friends, Jess and James and their darling daughter, Rocket. And now, we’re pleased to report: they’ve reached the shore!

“We’re safely sat happily at anchor in Hiva Oa in the Marquesas, French Polynesia, having made the crossing in a very respectable 26 days. We could have done it faster but we decided not to motor in the ITCZ (International Tropical Convergence Zone, aka the doldrums) as the sea state there was calm so we weren’t too bothered about going slowly.”

At anchor Taahuku Bay, Hiva Oa.
At anchor Taahuku Bay, Hiva Oa.

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On Location with Brian and Elsa: Surprises.

June 13, 2014

It was only a few short months ago that we checked in with our friends in Maine, Brian and Elsa, for the first time. They were preparing to become parents for the first time! And then there he was. Otis emerged a bit earlier than expected, but he was healthy and oh-so-welcome to the world. Otis’ dad, Brian, took the time to kindly catch us up on life with a new baby.

Out into the World

“It was a surprise this week to glance at the calendar and see that Otis is already four months old. It’s also surprising to look out the window and see it’s finally spring, which the Mainers just call “mud season.” And it’s super surprising to find myself working an honest-to-god day job as of last week — my first following nearly eight years of full-time freelancing — while Elsa’s wrapped up her maternity leave and gone back to the co-op part-time. Big changes around le cottage du Kevin.

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On Location with Carrie and Cooper: Beneath the Snow

May 29, 2014

Is It Spring yet?

Maybe in Portland, or Austin, or even London. But after checking in with our composting friends in Leadville, CO last month…

“Still full on winter around here. Although regular trips down valley allow us to taste spring via bike rides, walks, and trips to the parks. Compost pile, along with the entire backyard, is still buried in several feet of snow. But it looks like all the melt occurring on the warm days is taking care of the inserts we’ve been putting in the pile, as I have a hard time finding anything from even a month ago. Perhaps a bumper crop of compost this year!?!”

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