Cooking for 60 (with babies).

May 20, 2013

One mama’s quest for community involvement and community engagement turned out to be, in a word: delicious. In two words: delicious chaos. In three words: inspirational delicious chaos. We could go on and on. Originally posted on The Intuitive Mama. Thank you to Jordann for letting us share some of the story here.


My moms’ group rocks!  I feel so lucky to have been connected with such amazing, fun women.  Yesterday was no exception.  We decided to take on a huge project for one of our Moms’ group get-togethers.  We cooked for 60 homeless youth at Janus Youth Shelter. In a normal situation, 8 women cooking for 60 people might not be such an undertaking, but there were also 8 VERY ACTIVE babies in the house while this was going on.

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Smile and nod, by Terrence Shepherd

April 30, 2013

 Thank you to gDad, Terrence, for visiting us on the gDiapers blog. 

Smile and nod

Before I had a baby I thought the hardest part would be the diaper changes, or possibly the feedings, nothing could’ve prepared me for what was to trump my biggest baddest fears … other parents.

From the day I stepped out of that Sierra Vista hospital with Madison I’ve been subject to any one of the following responses by other parents:

1) Where is the mother? (This is the overwhelmingly largest question I’m asked.)

2) You’re taking her out by yourself?

3) Do you need me to hold the baby for you while you do (whatever it is I’m currently attempting to do)?

Even worse than the above three, just yesterday I heard the cringe worthy “GOOD JOB DAD!!” because I had dared to take her out in her push car.  At times it’s enough to make me want to throw in the towel and not leave the house until she is able to drive, or at the very least tote around a female companion to quell the constant stares, questions, and assumptions.

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Male Pattern Dadness, by Scotty Schrier.

April 25, 2013

This was originally posted by Scotty on his blog, Dads Who Change Diapers. Thanks Scotty!

First, what is male pattern dadness (MPD)?

MPD afflicts a majority of dads. The sad part is that most dads don’t even know they have it until it’s too late; Johnny gets in with the wrong crowd, or Suzy becomes a stripper. The key is to detect the warning signs early. Then, do something about them.

The indications of MPD are:

  • General sense of being unconnected with the baby.
  • Baby doesn’t like you very much. In fact, baby prefers just about everyone over you.
  • Overall fear of breaking the baby.
  • Overwhelming thoughts of “Man, I can’t wait until this kid gets bigger so we can play together.”

Whether you suffer from minor MPD or a full-on case, I have discovered a new drug for you! And the best part is, that you only have to take it once a day.

It’s called Changethenex* and it’s available without a prescription!

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Ah. This is the (work) life.

April 16, 2013

The gDiapers story.

Ever since conception, gDiapers has insisted that business and family can go together better. We’ve had onsite childcare from day one. It’s evolved with time, taking a different shape as the business has grown. But no matter the configuration, what it allows is a freedom for parents to have more time with their children, for nursing moms to conveniently feed their little ones, and for us all to be more interconnected. Here is just a sampling of some of our personal experiences.

gBaby Keagan takes his first steps in the gDiapers customer service office.

“We started gDiapers 8 years ago with flex friendly policies at the fore. We were parents to brand new babies and there was simply no other way to run the company 10,000 miles away from home (Sydney) without permanent back up! We set up onsite day care, offered 4 weeks paid leave and 3 months paid maternity leave, along with the option to telecommute. Today we are moving to a model that moves people into work that is truly in their affinity, not just in their job description.”

Jason Graham-Nye, CEO

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Unqualified, by Kim Bongiorno of Let Me Start By Saying

January 18, 2013

Blessed be the interwebs. It is because of them that we are able to connect with so many crafty, witty and inspiring folk like Kim Bongiorno of Let Me Start By Saying. We shared one of Kim’s hilarious lists on the gDiapers facebook page the other day and poof, just like that, we found a new friend in Kim. Thank you to Kim for taking time out of her day to pop over and visit us on our blog. We hope it’s the first of many visits.


I was vacuuming today, sweating and annoyed while doing so, and it got me to thinking: how the heck have I managed to hold down my job of being a Stay-At-Home-Mom for so long?  I’m terrible at it!

Most days I feel like I got this job by accident.  By lying on my resumé or accidentally getting promoted into the wrong department. Sheer pride insisted I try not to get caught doing something I’m totally unqualified to do, and seems to be the main motivator in keeping me from admitting the clerical error.

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