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On location with Jess and James, part 1.

July 23, 2013

Sometimes treasures unbury themselves from the most unexpected of places. This treasure was unearthed in an inbox.

“Hi there. My boyfriend and I live on a sailboat and we’re expecting our first child in Mexico at the end of July. We’re both British but have clocked up nearly 11,000 miles on our boat since leaving the UK in October 2011.

We decided to have our first child while still in this crazy lifestyle as it allows us to both play a more equal part in parenting and get back to some child-rearing fundamentals. Obviously, life on a boat with a baby raises the question of what to do about nappies given that our water supplies are limited. Also, we’re keen to use a method that is not damaging to the environment.

– Jess, James & 32 week bump”

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gDiapers and The Green Mama in Guatemala.

June 24, 2013

The disposable diaper problem extends well beyond the borders of developed nations. Reusable diapers are a luxury, unavailable to families in some of the world’s most distressed regions. The following article was originally posted on The Green Mama

Diapers for Guatemala

Last year when I went to Guatemala with my baby and young daughter, I was horrified. Yes, at the spiders and scorpions and Giardia, but even more at the daily dilemma around diapering babies.

I’ve talked with parents about every aspect of diapering, poop management, and pee protocol in my years as The Green Mama–I’ve published articles and booklets on it. Yet, until living with my children in Guatemala, I sort of assumed that poor people in developing countries handled diapering much as they did 100 years ago: a little cloth strapped around the kids bum and a lot of running them outside to pee at the first sign of need.  I didn’t think much about how disposable diapers and increasing poverty might have affected these traditions. Yet, they have.

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Meet Tyler, aka, Mr. Portland.

June 21, 2013

Here’s Mr. Portland himself, as introduced in our Meet the gTeam post. Please say hello to

Mr. Portland

Tyler Pechette.

job title:

Director of Global Operations – 5 ½ years at gDiapers.

“Short version – I buy it and ship it. I work closely with our manufacturing partners, warehouses and logistics providers making sure our products get produced, shipped and delivered.  I work a lot with our warehouse teams in Columbus Ohio, Toronto and London.  As well as our manufactures in OH, WI, OR, and overseas.  I really enjoy all the different aspects of the various industries we work with to produce our ever expanding line of products.”

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Surrogacy, the view from inside.

June 17, 2013

Thank you to Dana, a gestational surrogate, and Andy, a dad-to-be seeking a surrogate, for contributing their personal stories. 


I am a gestational surrogate. I recently gave birth to another couple’s baby, having gotten pregnant through IVF with a baby not genetically related to me. Being pregnant in this way has given me the opportunity to talk to so many people and have many conversations that I would ordinarily not have. When I was around thirty-eight weeks pregnant I had dropped my eleven year old son and seven year old daughter off at piano lessons and ran to Starbucks for a tall, soy, no classic, green tea Frappuccino. It was happy hour and all Frappuccino’s were half off. By then I was showing so greatly it was not uncommon to get multiple comment each day to the tune of, “you must be ready to pop!”

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This takes guts. by James.

June 15, 2013

Thank you to James Zahn, the one and only Rock Father, for joining in the “This takes guts” blog series, just in time for Father’s Day. 

“You Want It All But You Can’t Have It…” (Actually, you can.)

When I became a Father for the first time back in 2009 (on our 10th Wedding Anniversary!), I entered into the job without much by way of expectation. I was excited to be a Dad, but there wasn’t any real or definitive outlook for how the experience would actually be. I didn’t enter into Fatherhood with the “fear” that some seem to put forth, nor did I have any grand plans for how those first days would be. Sure, there was preparation (and a lot of nesting), but I steered clear of the parenting books, and somehow managed to miss the fact that “Parent Blogging” was even a thing.

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